Thursday, May 17, 2007

Something that brings me JoY *

You can take the girl away from the ocean...
But you can't take the ocean out of the girl!!

I have collected shells as far back as I can remember. They can be perfect or broken, bought or found on a treasure hunt. It doesn't matter to me. You can walk through my house and you will see sea shells placed somewhere in each room.

I started accumulating so many sea shells, I decided long ago to do something with them. I have made some wreathes with my sea shells and have them placed here and there: in a bathroom, on a gate, or on the inside of my door.

You will find a wreath on my front door at all times. I change them according to the season. This wreath I made years ago and stays on my door the longest. I get excited every time I get it out. I had to mend it before putting it on my door this season.

wreathe I am mending for my front door

Every wreathe that I make is unique and one of a kind. I never know what the end result will be.


  1. oh ... how beautiful :)

    i always bring home treasures from the ocean too though i have no where near as many as you since it only happens once every couple of years ... such a lovely way to celebrate your joy!

  2. Angela these shells and wreaths are so beautiful...This is a wonderful way to keep the ocean close to you.
    Sweetie, I still remember how the ocean almost ate you trying to get my picture and we never used it....that makes me sad!!!

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  4. This is beautiful...truly a gift from the Sea..!
    You did a great job on it..!
    I admit to being nosey Angela Marie...
    but PLEASE tell me what your relationship is to Wanda..I sense there is one, but cannot figure it out...!

  5. Oh my goodness! A seasheel wreath. As a Boston girl transplanted to the land-locked part of Texas, that just speaks to me! Maybe I'll have to make a lobster wreath. But seriously, those are amazing wreaths. I see an internet career possibility here...

  6. I love seashells also...your wreaths are so pretty! Whenever someone is going to the coast I always ask for seashells! :-) Have a great weekend!

  7. I LOVE seashells too! Beauty full wreaths Angela!!! HAPPY week-end sweets!

  8. I have tons of shells and have not done a thing with them. Part of my collecting obsession. Your creations are beautiful.

  9. That wreath is really, really beautiful. I love shell from the sea. It seems so personal even though I'll never really know the 'beings that peopled' any of the shells. It is lovely and I'd be happy to take it out and use it too!

  10. Angela, this is lovely! I adore wreaths and making them ~ it's the single thing I feel competently "crafty" in! You and I also share a love for the ocean. I might be miles away from the beach, but there are touches of the seashore all through my home!

  11. Seashells, I like what you did with your collection. Do you have other seashell objects, like those seashell boxes? Or a frame around a mirror?

  12. These are beautiful Angela...they are so you!
    What a good idea for shells!!!
    I love when you put them with sea glass in a hurricane lamp and add a candle too...that is a nice look.
    You are very creative!!!

  13. well, you reeled me in on these! Perfect, or broken, any little shell tossed at your feet is a gift from the sea....tumbling for a lifetime, waiting to be plucked out of the sand and into your heart. Just beautiful!

  14. How pretty!
    My grandmother used to make things like this with her seashells as well. pretty.
    Those bubble like shells (to the left in bottom pic) are so neat. I find them frequently at the beach I go to, but never, ever remember them from my childhood.