Thursday, May 24, 2007

I am so tired!

Saturday morning ~ need to get gift for Kiersten's baby shower at 1:00. Everyone meeting for dinner at Kiersten's house. Jessica and kids are down for shower!

Sunday ~ go grocery shopping for "Family Dinner Night," before Jessica and the kids come over before they head back home. Straighten house. Make dinner. Everyone will be here at 5:30. Don't forget to set alarm for 4:15 A.M.

Monday - Friday ~ My week to cover for Sharon at work.

Monday ~ after work, Maytag coming to put new motor in Washing machine.

Tuesday ~ after work, pick up groceries for surprise retirement party for Billie. Make 3 dishes of food. Tie up loose ends with Cindy for party.

Wednesday ~ after work, go home, pick up food. Wait for Billie to leave, to set up for party. Pick up Billie for Party at 4:00. Clean up.

Thursday ~ This week is not over yet and I am so tired!


  1. I will ask God to multiply your sleep. My 6 yr old always asks for that. And it works. So I will ask God to do that for you.

    Love you!!!

  2. Such are the days of our lives..!
    I hope once all the activity dies down this week, you are able to catch up on some rest.

  3. Angela: Today's Friday...I'm pretty free...can I help? I so remember trying to get everything done, and still having to go to work!!!
    Retirement is good!!!

  4. I hope you get some much needed rest this weekend.

  5. Yikes! And no wonder. Just pushing that much food through a kitchen would make me tired.

    I hope you have a sleep number bed and are getting good sleep when you can sleep! Nothing like that tired feeling. Yuck! Rest this weekend!

  6. Holy Smokes Girl! No wonder your tired! I thought my days were busy! I pray for strength for you! We are a bunch of busy little beavers! :-)

  7. Phew! I AM tired just reading all that YOU have to do!!! Go to bed Girly early!!! tonight! LOVE and prayers, xoCinda

  8. Must be something in the moon...these days have been very busy indeed! So glad to see your days have been filled with preparedness, festivities & celebrations :)
    At the end of each day, I know it's all been worth & may you get your beauty rest this week-end sweeetheart!

  9. sometimes life is so exhausting ~ i hope you find time this weekend for you, relax and peace.

  10. I wish you rest Angela....always giving to others, makes you tired!!!!
    Sounds like you need a big dose of sleep.

  11. Lord, how hectic. Saturday's down-time was just what the doctor ordered.

  12. YOU are a "Super Girrrrl" and I have all the confidence that you will pull it off fabulously.

    And I love that you have special family dinner nights

    love you
    ;) d

  13. Hi there, Angela. I have been here before via Lisaoceandreamuh. Now I am here via Annie in Turlock. Hopefully she and I will meet when they come up here next month, but if not, then we will hook up when I visit my family who still live in Turlock. LOVE your beach shots. G