Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What Is In Your Cart?

I could not put it off any longer... we needed some groceries! Charlie needed chips for his lunch, I needed oatmeal, Diandra needed cereal and we all were desperately in need of some veggies and fruits! The first of the month is probably not a good time to go. What was I thinking? As I approached the register checkout, I scoured to see the shortest line and then to see who had the least in their basket. It seemed that I was not the only one that needed to replenish the pantry and refrigerator. I had to stand in line a good 15-20 minutes.

While standing in line, some people pass the time with looking at the latest news on the cover of gossip magazines. That has never been my pass time. I look at the contents of the baskets in front of me and beside me. You can tell what a person is going to have for dinner, what they may be baking some time this week or what was on sale. I have also swapped some recipes with strangers over a marinade they introduced me to or visa versa.

Do you look to see what is in other people's shopping carts?

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