Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Of Those Days ~

*Sometimes I just don't get people...
*At work, I think the warmer weather is having an affect on the children; they are more than rambunctious.
*Did I already mention, I just don't get some people?
*Today I had the honor of donating blood for a very brave little girl who has cancer; I feel sad.
*Our veterinarian is pretty sure our dog has cancer.
*And well... I want to fly away.


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  2. Oh Angela this makes me sad.

    I'll fly away with you......

  3. Fly on, fly on, at the speed of sound. And like Wanda I'll fly away with you too.

  4. Sometimes I just don't get people either.

    Why do they do the things they do?

    Why do I feel the way I do?

    Why am I coming up blank with words of comfort and support?

    Why do I think you are one of the many angels on earth?

    Why do I look forward to your posts, even the sad ones?

    Why do you take such beautiful photos?

    May peace and love be with you always!

  5. Oh Angela, I hope you feel better today.
    I thought of you last night, I had to go to the ER as I had a severe allergic reaction to something(unknown) and I had to have meds by IV. As the nurse put the needle in my hand I thought of you.
    I'm a bit better today, but I was a mess this week. Guess it was just one of those weeks...?
    If you do fly away, fly up here, I'd love to see you..!

  6. Reading your comments made my heart feel full and put a smile on my face.

    Thank you

    (((I am not flying alone)))


  7. sometimes I don't understand people in this world either