Friday, March 5, 2010

God Save the Queen

Every now and then, my daughter and I will have a little tiff about the chores that need to be done around the house. What it comes down to is this, we both don't want to do them. I will never forget this one time it was getting pretty heated. Charlie was sitting in his recliner chair and I raised my voice and said, "You act like you are the princess and this is your castle, well let me tell you something, if your the princess, I AM THE QUEEN!" At that moment, Charlie put down the newspaper he was reading and said, "Well then, let's not forget, I am the KING and I am telling you better both stop this arguing!" At that moment, Diandra and I both looked at each other and started busting up laughing. With Charlie chiming in on our argument, it lightened things up between Diandra and I. It did leave me feeling a little of what a queen might feel married to a king.


  1. Ha Ha Ha ~~~King Charlie to the rescue!!!

    You told you story so cute! Loved it and was smiling the whole way through!

  2. I knew King Charlie had class. He sounds like a very wise ruler.

    My best to you all.

  3. That is too funny!! he is the king but you are the queen and the queen always rules !! lol

    love you