Monday, February 22, 2010

House Warming ~

In the country, down the road from our friends home.

This last Saturday, Charlie had to go to Oakdale to our friends home they bought a few months ago and install a panel over the kitchen stove that he finally had time to finish. I went with him for a quick visit while he installed this panel. Charlie and I brought a house warming basket filled to the brim for a nice family night at their new home; game, movie, pizza, candy, popcorn, soda, etc.. They have been without a computer and television for two months and just now got their phone land line.

As Cathy showed me everything Charlie has remodeled in their new home and explained to me the "before and after", I couldn't help feel proud of him and also in awe. I shared with her that Charlie has been wanting to remodel our master bathroom and I have not been... well, agreeing with him on some issues. I told her, after seeing what he has done, I needed to trust his vision and just let him have full reign. Later when we were all in the kitchen chit chatting, Cathy shared with Charlie what I said to her. I couldn't help but laugh and say nervously, "Cathy, that was supposed to be between you and I. Charlie, will not let me forget I said that now." We all know Charlie and had a good laugh.



I grabbed my camera and took some pictures of what Charlie has done.

The backsplash behind the stove cooktop.

Initially, the kitchen floor plan was non functional. Charlie revised the whole kitchen.

The backsplash behind the sink and between the bar countertop.

The Master bedroom granite shower with a built in bench.

Charlie put in the glass tile window over the master bedroom sunken bath tub. Our friends want Charlie to come back and redo the tub and bathroom floor later in the year.

Okay... just so you know, this is one of the issues we do not agree about. Charlie wants to put on the shower exterior wall ( roughly, give or take ~ floor to ceiling, to let in light), these glass tiles. That would mean that anyone in our backyard would be able to see an image of a person taking a shower. Uhhh... I don't think so! Diandra and I both stand firmly on this one. He can have his way on everything else.


I don't know what he is thinking?

The master bedroom counter and one of the sinks.

This is where the wood and tile floor meet.


  1. Wow ~~ What a talented husband...

    The pictures are beautiful! How thoughtful of you to take the House Warming basket... so like you Angela!!

  2. Wow, Charlie is a craftsman. What beautiful work. He can come and reno our house any day, but the glass block wall, I'm with you on that one..LOL

  3. my nephew's talent is totally awesome I hope one day I will own a house and he can use his vision!!

    Love the photos and
    love both of you !!