Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Weekend ~

My weekend started Friday with taking the girls (our chi's) to get their nails clipped. The main road where our Veterinarian's office is located has a beautiful walking path that I have admired for quite some time. I thought that it would be nice to take the girls for a walk after their appointment. As I was taking in all the sights, I noticed there were signs attached to the old fashioned street lights. I started to panic as I read, "Failure to bring a bag to pick up feces may result in a $50, $100, $200 fine." Well, needless to say, my plan to take the girls for a walk was not so well-thought- out, and was cut short. Note to self; put poop bags in trunk of car. After Charlie and I ate dinner, we moved my armoire that I didn't need anymore over to Rob and Nessa's place; she needed some closet space desperately. Later that night, I watched one of the CD installment's to the first season of The Third Watch (one of my favorite Television shows that ended several years ago).

Saturday morning, I ran some errands and went grocery shopping. It was absolutely crazy/busy with people shopping for the Super Bowl and I could not wait to get home after trying to get through lines! It took me 3 1/2 hours! I was able to take a much needed nap in the afternoon for staying up so late the night before.

Charlie and I were invited by one of his clients to a Crab feed Saturday night. The tickets cost $150 a couple! We felt flattered that he asked us and very blessed at the same time, and we accepted his kind offer. I was a little nervous though, because I had never been to a crab feed before. I don't know why, but I always envisioned these functions to be a drunken chow hall episode; kinda in an unruly sort of way. We drove with our good friends whom we've known for years and who are also friends from their childhood (that is how Charlie actually met his new client!). Let me just say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! It wasn't how I visioned it to be at all. We mingled at Charlie's clients home for about thirty minutes and then headed to the Crab Feed. When we got there, on one side of the building, there were ordure's laid all out elegantly on broken pieces of granite. We drank wine, ate and chatted while listening to some live music. On the way to our table, we (with the other couple we were with) were introduced to all of Charlie's client's acquaintances. We sat down at our table and dinner started with the white or red wine of your choice, a green salad and then seasoned vegetables, pesto parmesan pasta and bread. Then the endless galvanized buckets of marinated crab and shrimp came, came and came. I thought our stomach's were going to burst! We ate our desert consisting of dark chocolate brownies and blueberries drizzled with chocolate syrup and coffee as we listened to the winners of the raffle and silent drawing being called. When it was time to leave, we headed back to Charlie's clients home and sat around their long farm dining table. We were all busy talking about our kids, politics, the economy, education, construction, the school system, relationships, and sharing things about our family, our hopes and dreams and having such a good time, we had not realized it was close to 1:00 in the morning! I had the BEST time! It was really, really nice! Have I said how much I enjoyed myself?!! :)

We watched and enjoyed the Super Bowl on Sunday. Rob and Nessa brought drinks. I made a huge veggie tray with hummus, bowls of chips and dip spread out on the counter in the kitchen. Diandra's contribution was home made fudge with walnuts (so good!). Charlie had some ribs going in the rotisserie oven I got him for Christmas.

I had a good weekend! I guess this weekend has come to mean so much to me because it was the first time since Charlie got cancer that the weight of it all wasn't heavy and lingering in our minds; making it feel lighter. It just felt really good to be with family and friends. I feel very blessed!

More sharing below ~
My whisk broke and I had to replace it a year ago. My daughter found one that is very much like the one I had, if not better. I like this whisk so much, I have included it with my birthday, bridal shower or wedding gift giving. Check out this Fabulous heart shaped whisk.

I found these recently; Wonderful 95% Recycled Totes. Beautiful!

Charlie and I are getting ready to take a hike and I saw a man on The Fisherman's Wharf on our last trip to Monterey with one of these; The Pet Pouch to keep your best friend snuggled close to you. I love it and so do my chi's!


  1. What a wonderful weekend! Your Crab Fest sounds like something from a movie~

    Your Super Bowl with family ~ perfect.

    Enjoyed looking at the wisk, doggie pouch, and bags... What a fun post today.

    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  2. sounds like you two had a great time
    I love crab feeds
    I am glad that you all had a wonderful superbowl time at the house

    love and hugs