Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Poem

People Who Live

People who live by the sea
understand eternity.
They copy the curves of the waves,
their hearts beat with the tides,
& the saltiness of their blood
corresponds with the sea.

They know that the house of flesh
is only a sandcastle
built on the shore,
that skin breaks
under the waves
like sand under the soles
of the first walker on the beach
when the tide recedes.

Each of us walks there once,
watching the bubbles
rise up through the sand
like ascending souls,
tracing the line of the foam,
drawing our index fingers
along the horizon
pointing home.

Erica Jong~Becoming Light


  1. I've always wanted to live by the sea. I'm drawn to water, and find I'm most relaxed and happy when watching the ocean.

  2. I feel that same way about the mountains, but I love the sea too! Isn't it great to have both!