Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The House of Stone

The house above has always caught my eye while driving towards Big Sur. You might miss it if you are the driver, because it is a non-stop curvy road that you have to pay attention to. With that being said, it sits off of the road, down on a rocky cliff; literally on a cliff, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is really beautiful and unless you are looking for it, you can miss it because it blends in with the rocks of the cliff.

Every time I see this house, my mind goes in ten different directions.

1. I wonder what it would be like to live in that house.
2. What are the people like that live in that house.
3. Are they happy?
4. Are they afraid that the house could slip into the Pacific Ocean?
5. I wonder how hard it was to build that house sitting on the cliff like that?
6. Did the contractor consider it because of the challenge?
7. I wonder what the other houses look like that the contractor has built?
8. If I lived in that house, I would be afraid of the house falling into the ocean.
9. I can see myself, in the morning, dressed in my robe, with a cup of coffee admiring the sight of the ocean and breathing the misty air into my lungs.
10. Are the people that live there happy?


  1. What intrieging pictures. The stone house raises the same questions in my mind.

    Can you imagine stepping out on the terrace of that place..feeling the ocean breeze and knowing the secrets that are hidden in the basement... Oh how my thoughts run wild.....

    Love and Hugs

  2. You really could miss that house easily unless it was night time and then half the drama might begone! I once lived in house with stone walls (they were manufactured to look like stone) in side and out. It was a problem with dust as it settles into all the cracks and positioning furniture and such because the rocks stick out. It was very quiet though and I really liked that, as I get stressed out with audio really easy, I'm discovering.

    This is such a fun post!

  3. I love the photo of the house I think I have seen it before when we were up that way.
    great things to ponder about living in a house of stone!

    hugs and love

  4. It's been more than 30 years since I took that drive. I have no recollection of the house. I do recall the drive was beautiful. I also have remembrance of a restaurant along the road. The word Nepenthe comes to mind. There might be a connection or not.

    The photos are gorgeous. I am envious of your skills. I will have to practice more.

  5. Very interesting house, and a nice sense of mystery in the photo...
    I'm building a house right now so I can really relate! Trying to create a happy place, if that's possible!

    I wonder what would happen if you dropped them a note, if they would answer?

  6. Beautiful pictures.

    House are so evocative. I find even ugly homes intriguing. How does the shape and style and layout of the house affect the folks who live in it? How do the materials? Would someone living in a stone house feel differenlty about things than someone living in a house made of wood?

    Some of us are lucky and can seek out the place that suits us; some of us must make what we get work.

    I see we have some blogging friends in common - Jack and Firebird - so now I know how you came across my blog.

    Lovely to visit here. Hope I see you again.