Friday, February 20, 2009

With Much Love

The ocean in the storm.

Planted next to the purple mail box in the previous post, this white flower was holding on.

A break between the storms, at one of our favorite restaurants.

At the time of our anniversary last year, Charlie was very sick. We both thought that it would be best not to get away on our anniversary; it was the first time in twenty-two years. This year he was feeling much better and we were like little kids on Christmas Eve. We both looked so forward to celebrating our marriage. I always check the Weather to see what I should and shouldn't pack. It for casted rain, rain and rain with some wind. Charlie and I enjoy the ocean come rain, wind or shine. It never matters to us. I actually prefer some storm on our visit. I love combing the beach afterward for little treasures that the sea should leave me. I also love the huge waves and the crashing sound it makes. It is comforting to me. I find it so hard to leave... almost as if I am leaving a part of me behind. What is that saying? "You can take the girl away from the ocean, but you can't take the ocean away from the girl!"


  1. we need to see the ocean more, sweetie

    loving you

  2. Thanks for sharing the wonder of your outing.

  3. what beautiful photos I am so glad that you two were able to make the trip this year

    sending you all lot's of love