Saturday, January 31, 2009

Angel Cat Lady

In an old almost deserted fishing town, there is a restaurant at the end of the dock with houses and old buildings lined up right next to each other. My family and I went to this restaurant famous for its clam chowder and other fish meals. It was wonderful!

As we were walking back to our truck, the sound of a soft clanking drew my attention. I admired the old rusty tin dishes as they were swaying in the breeze.

The pretty flowers were scattered everywhere with care in this little garden.

There was a stake posted with a handmade sign stating, "This is not a public bathroom... Please DO NOT pee in my yard!" I loved the Witty humor this person had.

I came upon the garden where it opened up more. There was a door with a cat angel heading to the back yard.

To the side of this door, there was a little old lady sitting in the richly tilled chocolate brown dirt. She wore a magenta printed dress with bare feet and her silver hair fell just beneath her shoulders. I found myself just watching her as she was eating something out of a tin bucket that looked like clams to me. This old lady looked up and said, "Hello." As we were talking, I started noticing all of the cats that were perched here and there. The old lady said she takes the cats in and gives them a good home until she can find a permanent one for them. She takes them to the vet and even had names for each of them. She went on to tell me she felt she was honestly just a woman that grew old and has surrounded herself with cats. She chuckled as she shared with me that her daughter warns her, "no more!" She just can't help it and has a soft heart for animals.

I had almost forgot that my family was waiting for me where we had parked down the street. I could have talked with her longer... maybe even shared a cup of tea. I wished that I had gotten her name and asked if I could have taken a picture of her. She was a sweetie. I am glad that we did share a moment in time with one another.


  1. Oh Angela...

    You found an "Elizabeth". What a wonderful story and pictures....
    I would have loved to be with you on this adventure.

    LOL:Wanda Mom

  2. What a nice person.
    I would have liked her too, I'm sure.
    It's nice when we meet interesting people like that, it makes us want to know more about them.
    Hope you guys are okay. Think of you often..
    with love

  3. What a sweet lady! You just know she was!

    Some people are just angels in disguise!

  4. Thanks for sharing your visit. It is reassuring to learn that there are angels among us everywhere. We just have to open our hearts and souls to the experience.

    I suspect that when we master that skill we have become angels on earth ourselves.

    You are aptly named. I am blessed to have crossed your path.

    May love and peace continue to be with you always.

  5. sounds like a wonderful adventure and I am sure you made the old cat ladies day!

    hugs and love


  6. I love that wind chime...where was that restaurant...can you tell me?...please?