Thursday, August 14, 2008


This week has been extremely quiet in our home. Today we are supposed to find out what the results of Charlie's scan is. As the hour nears ~ I am nervous. I want to know... but I don't. On one hand if the results come back showing cancer is still there, we will need to know what course of action that needs to be taken. Time should not be ticking and nothing being done in a situation like this. On the other hand, well it is great news. For now. I have come to realize that this is and will be a part of our lives; the testing ~ worrying ~ waiting for it to come back. In this realization, I refuse to let this get the best of us. We will live each day to the fullest being joyful that we are here in the present... together. Taking one day at a time. I am prepared to having some days that it will get to me. All the while knowing what my focus will be. I will not let cancer waist our days in fear.

Whatever the outcome, I know things will be all right. We will have love.


  1. keep thinking those positive thoughts and doing what you are doing
    whatever the outcome may be
    know you are all loved and the family is here for you always

    we are waiting anxiously as well

    ((( Hugs & Love )))

  2. You are so wise to live one day at a time. There is something that is so very vital in that frame of living and I believe it is how we are meant to live our lives.

    Blessings on you and Charlie today. Especially!

  3. Living in the moment is what matters.
    Be positive whatever the outcome and enjoy each day to the fullest.
    Thinking of you often, with love

  4. Deb ~ thank you. I feel your love and your support.

    Darlene, Silvia ~ Thank you!
    BIG hug back

    Mary ~ I believe that too! It is the only way I know how to get through this...
    a big thank you!

    Sheila ~ How nice it is to see your face and comment. I have missed you! September is almost here. Looking forward to your posting again. I hope you are enjoying your summer break.
    bunches of hugs to you

  5. I'm catching up in reverse order so I know you got good news. But this reminds me to renew my prayers for you guys.

    Love you...