Saturday, August 23, 2008

Flying to Nebraska ~

Charlie and I drove our daughter Diandra to the airport this morning. She is on her way to see her brother Rob and our Nessa (his lovely wife) in the state of Nebraska. Although I am sooo jealous (in a good way), I am also very excited for them. They haven't seen each other for almost two years. It has been such a pleasure watching Rob and Diandra growing up and how they have grown so very close. On occasion, I have not only heard them on the phone talking, laughing and confiding to each other, I have also heard them tell others that they are best friends. It warms my heart over to know that not even the time of absence and miles of separation can keep the bond that they have from growing apart.

I called my son Rob to make sure he was there to pick up his sister at the airport. To hear the excitement in his voice and knowing any minute he was going to be reunited in the flesh with his sister... well, I could hardly keep my happy tears contained. I wish that I could have been there to see it. I think it is any parent's dream that their children are close through out the years.

On returning home from the airport, I have found countless little sticky notes all over the house, with scribbles of love written by my baby girl. I already feel lost and lonely without her... and it hasn't even been one day. But, knowing i
t is so worth it! Babies of mine ~ ENJOY!


  1. I hope your baby girl and her brother and sister have a wonderful time
    I know what you mean though about them being best friends, that is how
    my two are with each other. and since
    our boy is getting ready to fly in a few weeks it has been fun listening to their conversations and plans they are making with out "mom" one thing for sure I agree with you it warms my heart to know that they are close and
    are each others best friends! what a great birthday present for Rob!!!

    hugs and kisses
    she will be back soon!

  2. nice words, but I'm not ready for my children to be that age!
    hope Charlie is still well - still praying for him.

  3. Oh my, Angela, how I loved the part of the sticki notes....How precious that she was thinking of you and how you would feel when she was gone. You children are your treasure.... and their love for you and Charlie is everywhere.

    Love and Hugs....Update on the birdhouse.... :)

  4. Your kids are amazing. I love your family.

  5. I hope they have a great time! I can't but help wonder if the best friends know this guy Cliff...
    ~ jb///

  6. Oh, that almost makes me lonesome for home in Nebraska. The really odd thing has been how much you and family have been on my mind. Now, I know why! It is that Nebraska connection! What a small world.

  7. tee hee hee. I had to put those sitcky notes up LAST MINUTE, as I ran through the house before we left. I was so afraid you'd see them before...