Sunday, August 10, 2008

Change of Course

Charlie wanted to head up to the Sierra mountains for a little R&R. We were there for five days. I was a little (okay, A LOT!) reluctant to go, simply because it was my last week before school starts. I had plans to have some "one on one" time with family and friends, and go places that I had wanted to for quite some time... and it didn't happen. To say the least, I was bummed. All summer my focus not only demanded to be elsewhere, it needed to be there. It is at times like these, I have learned that you truly have to live in the present moment. Life is always now. When I let go of my expectations and just live in the moment, I am happy. Sometimes it takes me more time to realize this than others. Everything that I wanted to do was not going to happen in one week. I knew in my heart it wasn't the right time for me to do those things anyway. It will happen when the time is right. I just feel like I have had to let go of a lot of things that matter to me. In saying that, in the end, right now... I want Charlie to be rested and happy. That is what matters to me and is foremost important.

Sophie enjoying the ride

Some wild flowers on the side of the road... they weren't perfect, but I didn't care. Isn't wild suppose to be unruly?

I hadn't seen these flower's before... they remind me of "Horton Hears a Who!"

Looking up ~ taking a deep breath and exhaling ~



  1. What a great post. Usually when we give up our wants we get what we really want. Amazing, isn't it? I think so!

  2. Bless You Sweetie for all your love and support to your husband. I know how you feel about not doing the things you had hoped to do we emailed each other about it. Charlie feeling better is what is most important. then we can enjoy doing the things we will do later.

    let's make plans for the four of us for dinner soon

    (((big Hug and LOVE))))


  3. Life is a matter of priorities, isn't it?

    Living in the moment is the thing that will bring you the most reward. Perhaps that is a lesson you are finding hard to accept. Or not.

    I think I may have mentioned this before, but you might want to read Tolle's book, A New Earth: Awakening to your life's purpose. He puts your predicament into perspective. At least he did for me.

    Wayne Dyer talks about the "divineness of perfection". Whatever is happening is part of the grand scheme of things. There are lessons to be learned at every turn. You might want to read Bach's book Illusions or at least that part of it he titled the Messiah's Handbook. I have written about it in my blog under the label Messiah's Handbook.

    As for the photos. WOW! Wild flowers are perfect, particularly when you sneak up on them as you did. tee hee.