Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Vintage Photos

This is my Grandma's oldest sister, Genevieve. Everyone called her aunt Veva. I absolutely love this picture! I can't even really tell you why. I have always felt a connection with the woman in this photo. Maybe it is because we are both the oldest sister. I can see by what she wrote on the front and back, she had a sense of humor. My Grandma was born in New Mexico. Her heritage was Mexican, and she was also a native to the American tribe of the Navajo.

This is my Grandma Josephine (my daddy's mama) with her brother John and my aunt Mary (my daddy's oldest sister) when she was little.

This is my Grandma, again, with my aunt Mary and uncle Joe, I think.

I will never forget looking at and admiring my grandma in photos. I always noticed that she had a little tummy. Then as I got older I realized she was pregnant in most of her photos. She had 11 children; nine of which had lived.


  1. Great photos!
    Wow! 11 children...these were different times!
    I think you look a little like your grandma!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. O! I LOVE old photos! These are SWEET! I could look at photos all day long! with a glass of homemade tea! hehe When YOU say New Mexico, I light up!!! I was there just for a day and a night but that is my dream, to go back one day!!!Where have YOU been, haven't seen YOU visiting for a while although I haven't been posting like I used to!*sigh*

  3. Thank-you for sharing these Angela...they are priceless..:-)

  4. These are fantastic Angela. I love to see old family photos. They are great to look back on.
    Families were so much larger in those days weren't they, and photos were a special thing. Not like using a digital camera now, where we can take dozens and just keep the ones we like.
    PS Thank you for the good wishes for my Dad.

  5. Oh this may be my favorite post of yours for all time...

    The photo are wonderful and what a heritage you have!

    These truly are priceless.

  6. beautiful!

    Grandma would be so pleased!

    Love ya

  7. these photos are so beautiful :) thank you for sharing these ... your grandma is so stunning and wow 11 children!!

    my grandmother was native as well from the woodland cree tribe ...


  8. Thanks again for the photo of Aunt Veva. I had never seen it before. I already have the other two.
    I plan to fix up the picture a little on photoshop and mail it to Lenny (Joe). He doesn't have many pictures of his mom.
    I will tell him the the picture is from you.

    A. Jeanne

  9. What great photos! I love those. I love learning about your heritage, too.

  10. Beautiful old photos Angela. And there is a definite family resemblance.

  11. You can see that you are related, the esthetic family lines have done you proud.
    I love looking at old family photos. It's a sense of history that you can relate to. There is an old picture of my grandfather in the hall, although we're not identical, it is spooky to see your own eyes looking back at you, but from another era.