Thursday, October 11, 2007

Have you ever...

Mentioned that you didn't like throwing over ripe banana's away?...

...and then, two days later at work, everyone brought you their over ripe banana's that they had saved especially for you? I am still trying to figure out if this was a joke on me. Anyhow, I came home and made many banana loaves of bread and mini banana muffins. I went into work with a bag full of them for everyone and said, "Just call me the Banana Queen. By the way, my name is Chiquita!" We all had a good laugh to start our work day!


  1. That´s so fun! The breads look delicious :)

    Have a great weekend! xox

  2. I would have taken one, too!!
    I am sure it was good.

  3. Your not supposed to give it all away! Ahhhhhh!!! What the HECK, you were supposed to mail me some!I have never seen so much banana nut bread in my life. HAHA! Momma Chiquita you forgot to give your little hijo chiquito some banana pan!!!!! I love you mom. Hope your doing well.

    Love, Rob

  4. you are so kind ~ mmmmm banana bread, yummers!! i like to put teeny tiny dark chocolate chips in mine, hee hee ...

  5. My little hijo chiquito, your momma chiquita has some put away for you in the freezer. I would not forget about you.

    I love you and hope that brightens your day baby.


  6. It does make my day. Thanks mom.

  7. Angela Marie, thank you for all your kind comments you left on my blog today!
    And btw, you have a nice son ;-)

  8. Now you've gone and done it! You'll have piles of over ripe bananas, with everyone expecting you to bake them into something yummy. Are you going to post a recipe or is it a 'secret'?

  9. That is a lot of banana bread..!
    I'm glad you saved some for Rob..!
    I don't bake often anymore as I eat it all..!
    big hugs XX00