Thursday, October 25, 2007

Collecting Leaves and Memories ~

I have admired the tree leaves changing their color on my daily walks. On one of my walks I started picking up some beautiful leaves. In my the process of collecting leaves, a memory came to me... When the kids were little we would take walks to break up our day. I would give the kids a bag and we would collect sticks, feathers, leaves etc., come home from our walk and empty our bags. We would then get the paste, glue, glitter, tape and construction paper out. We would get started on our collection and make art. They would decorate our refrigerator for everyone to see.

The season of Fall holds many memories for me... hay rides, Bonn fires, football games, holding hands running through the sprinklers, and that first sweet kiss. I remember sewing Halloween costumes for my children and going to pick out our pumpkin and carving the perfect face on them.

We found out my dad had cancer in October, which makes my memories of this season in my life bittersweet. A time I will always cherish. It was the beginning of the end. We were told we would have my dad for 7 months at the most with chemo. I had not only one, but two October's and November's with him. I can still see him coming out of the door from his house with a smile as I was parking my car. The wind blowing, he'd tell me to "Hurry! You are going to blow away with the wind... you need to gain some weight!" Then asking me with genuine concern if I ate that day. I can recall feeling both very loved and blessed at that moment. I didn't realize at the time that memory would be etched in my heart and mind, carrying me over until we are together again.

It's interesting how picking up a single leaf or the wind blowing will connect you with a time, place or event in your life.


  1. Very nice colorful leaves and nice memories, too!
    I used to glue leaves on papers with my daughter, too!
    And I am glad you had more time with your Dad than expected!

  2. It is isn't it. I know I've experienced a similar thing, but can't seem to recall it now. I'll let you know when a memory comes to mind :)


  3. your leaves are just as beautiful as each precious memory...

    I hear the longing in your words...
    our kids are grown up
    our parents are growing older

    but you and I are frozen in time...right?

    I wish!

    loving you,
    xOx darlene

  4. Yes, Angela a single leaf can say so much and remind us of so much. October a sad memory month for a lot of us. Shirley & Claude lost Brian in Oct. We lost Bob (Don's brother) last Oct. Your dad, and many others I'm sure. You leaves are bittersweet, the sting of death, but the beauty of the leaves and life everlasting!
    Love you sweetie!
    Wanda Mom

  5. Our leaves haven't started to change yet, Soon, I'm sure.
    These are beautiful.

  6. thanks for sharing your sweet memories of the fall. I have to admit I have a few tears ( thinking of my sweet brother your dad)
    I miss him everyday as I know you do
    but more so in the month of Nov.

    this was such a heartfelt post
    thank you sweetie

    love ya

  7. This makes me weepy reading it. How lucky you are to have the memories of your dad. You are right, a lot is found in our memory, that the simplest thing can stimulate. For me sometimes it is smells, like the smell of school starting in the air, marks the beginning of fall for me.
    It isn't even cold yet, just a change in the way the air smells.

  8. Isn't it an odd thing that we still ask "how long?" with a diagnosis of Cancer! No one really knows, but how wonderful that your father was there for so long. I love it!

  9. This truly touches my heart.

    Here is a treasure trove of precious memories, like autumn leaves collecting softly at your feet.

    May your fathers love comfort and protect you now and always,

    With love,


  10. beautiful precious memories flying on the winds of colour, sigh ... this touched my heart honey, xox