Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Memorabilia

Here, Rob was 2 years old, and made up as a mummy. I was so concerned about him staying warm, so I put him in sweats before I wrapped him with strips of sheets. I can bust up laughing just thinking about it. I wrapped him too tight the first time; he couldn't bend his arms or legs well. He actually walked like a "mummy." I started laughing so hard, and might I add that he did not like that at all. It took a couple of times wrapping him to get it just right.

This is one of my favorite photo's. Rob was 3 and Diandra was just shy of turning a year old. I couldn't even tell you what these two were laughing about. Rob and Diandra had their own language that had a sense of humor to go with it. To this day, they still get each other.

My mom showing Rob how to spread his wings at my little sister's school. He was 4 here.

This is our first Halloween with Adam and Mike, our two oldest boys. They had always spent Halloween with their mom. Adam was in the fifth grade here, and Mike was in the 3rd grade. Mike, I found out, loved to get really into the theatrical part he was playing for Halloween. The little white bunny is their cousin.

Diandra listening to a story in Rob's class. I love the expression on her face.

Rob as Leonardo with a pizza box and all. There was a photo of him in this get-up on the wall of our local Pizza Factory for the longest time. My mom helped me make this costume. Diandra was a little black kitty.

Have a safe Happy Halloween or Harvest!


  1. Happy Halloween Sweetie...these photos are priceless! BOO!!!!!!

  2. thanks for taking me down memory lane
    I wish I could have seen these as they were those ages. ( thanks for the photos!!!)
    I hope you have a safe and happy harvest as well

    enjoy the grandkids.
    we used to say
    Happy Imagination Day !!!

    love ya

  3. Great memories Angela.
    I absolutely love the photo of the two of them laughing together. Precious..!

  4. Mom, I am embarrassed! HAHA! Man... does time go by. I miss those days. What great memories those are to me. I love the photo of sis and I laughing together also. I love you mom. Great blog!

    Love Rob

  5. Oh Angela: These photo's are priceless. I can't believe your kids are all adults now....! What sweet memories!

  6. Oh those are GREAT! I'll have to scan & post some of my own for you!

    Thanks for sharing those precious moments.

  7. I love all the costumes....it reminded me of my childhood and how much fun this time of year always was. It's sometimes good to get those little reminders!

  8. Thanks for the great pics Angela. It's so nice to see them in different years of their lives. They were always adorable.

    Love and kisses

  9. These photos are all great and I am sure precious memories for you!

  10. Cute, way too cute. You've got to love kids in costumes!

  11. So cute you just want to eat them...ummm...er...like candy :)

    love you
    xOx Darlene

  12. Phew! That cat doesn't seem to care, it looks like it's used to mummys!!!LOL and that photo of those 2 sweeties on the swing laughing is adorable!!! SWEET photos girly!!!

  13. oh what wonderful photos :) thank you for sharing such beautiful memories ~ hope your halloween was lovely! xox