Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Rendezvous

A long anticipated camping date with some friends of ours finally arrived.

When we first drove into our camping site, I put our little dogs Sophie and Simone, on the picnic table and helped Charlie back the trailer in. I noticed a movement in the tree just above the table and looked up to see a huge bird that looked very similar to an eagle. I went to get my camera to take a picture and then remembered my girls on the table and turned around, screamed and watched it fly away. I immediately put the girls into the trailer. This should have told me how the weekend was going to go.

Later that evening, as we sat eating our dinner around the picnic table, I watched a bat fly above us and tried not to react in fear of scaring my friend Anita who is 90 years old. Apparently, it was time for bats to fly because when we would go to the store to call our daughter a bat would fly right next to me and get closer every time it made its way back by me. Needless to say, it cut my phone call short.

In the 25 years Charlie and I have gone camping in the Sierra mountains, we have never had an encounter with a bear. Although we have heard stories about sightings and how they would run up to picnic table's and grab a loaf of bread and then run away. When Charlie and I would hear this, we would exchange a look that would say, "Uh huh. Right." But, this camping trip everyone saw the bear... except me. Nessa even went to show me a picture she took of it (I couldn't believe how BIG it was) and then Rob started hysterically busting up and said she also got a picture of a lion. I realized it was pictures she had taken from a recent trip to the zoo! Ha! Ha! Joke was on me! Our last night there, I got so spooked, I believe my imagination got away from me because I heard...a growl. That was it for me and I said, "Goodnight!"

Charlie actually saw a bear standing on it's hind legs looking into a window of a trailer one early morning. Can you imagine? I think with the season changing, the bears are getting ready to hibernate. Have you ever seen a bear in it's natural habitat?

All in all, not counting the excitement we had, it was nice getting together and sharing a long weekend with good friends and family. Nothing beats telling stories around the fire at night and appreciating the great outdoors!


  1. you never know even tho they played a joke on you a bear could have been near you it is their time of year
    I know I worked in Yosemite remember and though they are beautiful creatures they are quick and scary!

    glad you had a great time with family and friends

    love you

  2. Oh Tia... there really were some bears there. I just didn't see them.

    I must not have explained very good in my post. The picture of my boots and the girls was taken moments before everyone in the camp started yelling, "Bear across the river!" Yep... right across from me. I was so busy trying to gather the girls up to saftey, I missed it.

    Funny... you would think when someone yells "BEAR" they would all run to saftey and NOT to the bear. Geesh!

  3. Great story. You must have had a great time, even though you didn't see the bear.

    We did see one on our Yosemite trip earlier this year. I posted a photo of it on my blog.(There are two photos near the bottom of the posting labeled "Black Bear".) It was so far away from the road it can hardly be seen.

    I am intrigued by the way you post your photos. How do you do it?

    As for protecting the girls, remember, you are in the wild, and they could be snacks for some critters. While at Glacier Park, the Red Bus driver commented about a woman out walking her little dog, "She must be trolling for bears." Just sayin'.

    Take care.

  4. Mom, I didnt see any bears either. Still yet to see one up there.

  5. Rob ~ that's right... you were fishing!

  6. Hey you used my wine bottle that the one?