Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Sweet Surprise ~

I got a call from my son Rob letting me know Nessa would be receiving a special package. I also had special instructions to "please put it in the refrigerator as soon as it arrives." He also asked me to call her and let her know she got a special delivery. He is so cute... he sometimes needs me or his sister to pull his surprises off and Nessa has right away become suspicious when I call her with news such as this. She has learned we are always sworn to secrecy and our lips are tightly sealed.

The front of the card.

Inside inscription.

Nessa turned three shades of red and gushed, "I can't believe he told you!" We immediately explained to her, he hadn't told us anything. She smiled and didn't care to share.

A sweet surprise. An inside joke... secrets kept.

I can only guess and read between the lines.

I love watching their love for one another beautifully unfold as it grows. It brings a smile to my face.


  1. Yes, I certainly won some points that day. Woohoo

  2. Thanks for sharing this delightful love story. You are all truly blessed.

    Sometimes there are things parents don't need to know. But we can have fun letting our imaginations run wild.

    Have fun, Mom.


  3. Oh I know Jack... I am right there with you! This is why I nipped it in the bud letting Ness know he didn't tell us anything. I was glad she didn't share...
    I just think they are too cute!

  4. I left an answering comment to yours on my #762 posting.

  5. way to cute but those Kara cupcakes are totally awesome that is one of our treats we always get when we are in the city!!

    love you