Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eyes Wide Open

My daughter would like to start her career as a Neuropsychologist in San Francisco after she finishes the doctorate program. She plans to go to the city as much as possible to get familiar with and overcome the fear of driving in the city. I have to admit, becoming comfortable with the route would be beneficial to me too; I'll need to drive it to see her. It has been fun to look at the map and pick out what part of San Francisco we want to explore and see what it has to offer. When we go it is with an agenda but nothing set in stone in case we see something or come across something that is off the beaten path of interest. I have to admit, my daughter is getting to know the streets, that is, even if we drive down a bus, taxi, or bike lane... It always turns into a learning experience.

When we walk the streets of San Francisco, I can't help but be a looky loo. There is always so much to see! We took advantage of this past Labor day weekend and took one of our day trips to the city.

I thought this tree stump was interesting. Notice the carvings?

Jimmy Hendrix painted on the side of someones home.

The store's always have the neatest signs. I thought this one was pretty.

Since I have been going to San Francisco, I have noticed this artist has quite a few murals painted throughout the streets. I think they are neat.

This lady obviously is a little bit of an exhibitionist... OR maybe she is sneaking out. ;)

This window covering reminded me of a window to a bedroom Charlie and I shared when we were first married. Sweet memory ~

I love the children's parks I've seen in the city. There is always a mural painted with bright colors full of imagination on the walls. Here at this park, the gates are made of artsy iron.

My daughter's advisor told me about a bead store in San Francisco to check out the next time we were visiting. It is down a beat up side road and if you didn't know it was there, you would miss it. The General Bead store is now one of my favorite places. It's crazy to learn the variance of prices in the city vs. in the valley; it's much cheaper in the city.

My daughter told me about a grocery store she went to on one of her visits without me. It is called Rainbow Coop., an all organic store and Eco friendly store (yes, everything!). A great place to pick up ingredients you wouldn't find else where for that wonderful recipe you've been wanting to try. I loved it! We're planning on making a trip for soup ingredients to welcome Autumn. One thing about San Francisco, everywhere you look, there is something that catches my eye! This table was outside of the grocery store. Notice it's made out of all recycled materials.

This is my baby girl the day after our trip to the city.


  1. What a wonderful day trip... Such interesting and unique things.

    Love D crashed on her bed. Mom, you wore her out!!!!!

  2. Thanks for bringing us along on your wonderful trip.

    I always look forward to your photos too.

    btw, perhaps the "lady" is getting help on entering? snerx.

  3. Wanda ~ it's usually the other way around... she wears me out! LOL!

    Jack ~ Laughing out loud! That works too!

  4. awe you two seem to have fun I would like to go one day with you two

    looking forward to our annual one on Dec 4th !

    love ya