Friday, September 10, 2010

A Happy Contribution ~

My daughter is currently doing some research studying healthy aging and asked me if I would like to help her with a presentation she and her research team are giving. She needed pictures of the residents she's working with having fun.

I'm not at liberty to post pictures of the people without their permission.


Bingo cards for sale and a book of records.

Wine hour.

A glass of wine.

I noticed as I walked around, the women were a little reserved and really didn't want their picture taken. I hope they will start to trust me as time goes by and let their hair down around me. The men on the other hand were more open and well... hams around the camera.

Too cute ~

I have never really given much thought into what my life will be like when I get older or what I will be like as I age, until now. With the research my daughter is doing, I realize what an impact how we live now will have on the quality of our lives later. There are so many choices that we make every single moment of a given day that affect us, from what we choose to eat, how long we sleep, how much we laugh, and whether we interpret a stressor as a challenge or a threat. It goes further than that, according to my daughter. The actions we make affect every aspect of our life and our BRAIN health. And it is our brain that makes our body, but without our body our brain can not continue to grow and be nourished. That's why it is essential to exercise both.

It's how the saying goes: "Use it or lose it."

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  1. your contribution to Diandra's research is wonderful who better than you to take the pictures!
    your post gave me something to think about.
    thanks for sharing!
    ps I am working on the Turlock thing

    love you