Thursday, April 8, 2010

She's Home! ~

Load of unclaimed luggage at Sacramento Airport

We picked our girl up from the airport and talked non-stop on the way home. Diandra showed me pictures she took while she was there on her camera and from what she showed me, Washington has my vote. She met one of the professor's there and they spoke for about 90 minutes. Diandra made me laugh, as she said with much excitement, "MOM! He even let me hold a brain!"

Diandra and I spent our first morning together getting a Jamba Juice, browsing through Target and getting what she called "the works" (i.e. Pedicure's and Manicure's). Although now she is back to hitting the books, her presence here feels so good!

So far, my Spring vacation has been spent making beaded jewelery, going through pictures and closets, and going to our grand-son's baseball games. It has felt carefree and strange at the same time not going to class this week. It has also been a time of reflection; embracing what I have felt with losing Jack.

I did see the movie Precious... I didn't like it. It was disturbing to me and I wish I never saw it. I knew what the movie was about when I rented it, I just didn't know to what extreme. It was too much for me. It's not that I want to look at life through rose colored glasses or I am in denial that abuse takes place. I KNOW it takes place. There are real monsters who live on this earth and believe me when I say, I am not one to turn my head and pretend I don't see it or it doesn't happen. At times, I have gotten myself into dangerous situations by stepping in to stop abuse from occurring when I have witnessed it. There are some books I have read or movies I have seen that are to much for me to take. I will never forget reading in Corrie Tin Boom's book The Hiding Place where Corrie's father tries to explain to her how some knowledge is too heavy to carry. There are some things we are not supposed to bear; this is the only way I know how to explain how this makes me feel.

I have gone to the nursery and picked up some succulents to plant later today. The weather will be in the low seventy's. So Nice! Natural vitamin D is a good thing!

Oh ~ someone won the lotto $37 million... it was not us.



  1. Welcome home to Diandra. Yeah for you.

    Precious - have not seen it yet but certainly know all about it. I think you are right - There are some things we should not, we MUST not, be able to bear. That the character HAD to bear it makes it all the more unbearable for us.

  2. Love suitcase stacking in Sacramento.

    You are right...some things are just to heavy. I also remember the Hiding Place, and that is a powerful line Corrie's father said.

    Glad Diandra had a good trip and is excited about her move.

    Bought a new pair of sandals I need a pedicure!

  3. I am glad Diandra had a good time in Washington! I bet kim had a blast with her!!
    I know exactly how you feel about that movie I hated it as well

    love you