Monday, April 12, 2010

I Am A Slogger Girl ~

When Charlie and I escaped recently to the Pacific Coast in February for our anniversary, I visited one of my favorite garden shops. It is a basement that sits under a charming little restaurant. You have to enter it from the side gate and follow the stone walkway that is overflowing with plants, water fountains, statues and plaques. At the end of the walkway, you can either turn right and go through the basement door to the shop or you can step up to a little nook, where at the end of that nook, there is a garden shed. I love going into the garden shed first, because you can find reduced items and unique gadgets and gizmo's you wouldn't find otherwise. I came across a rack of garden shoes. I took my boot off and slipped my foot into the clog... Mmmm it felt wonderful! I looked at the price and thought, "Geez, why do I like everything that wants my leg or arm in return for me to purchase it?" I looked at the tag again and saw the tag had a web page. I jotted it down, put the garden shoes back and continued on my way. When I got home, I looked up the web page and found that they were not only cheaper than they were in the store, but they also came in different styles and colors. I have ruined more pairs of shoes cleaning/working in the back yard and spraying the dog's messes; I am saying it politely as I can. I love these shoes because you can't hurt them. I hadn't realized it, but I have been a Slogger girl for quite some time. In the trailer, I keep some rubber slip on clogs that have holes in them and a strap on the heel. I think they are the ugliest things, but they are the best to slip on in a hurry. I was spraying them off and noticed they were also Sloggers. I was surprised and couldn't believe it! It is funny, after realizing they were a pair of Sloggers, my attitude about them changed... a little, teeny-tiny bit.

These are slip on clogs and come in several colors. They fit like a glove and your feet feel wonderful wearing them! Although, I have to warn you... they make a suction noise at first (Fffart!) until you break them in a little. When I wore them at first, I kept telling who ever I was around, "That wasn't me." This particular pair go on sale for $9.99 at CVS/pharmacy. If you have a CVS membership card and get the $5.00 coupon in the mail or on the Internet, that is even better! I sent these to a girl friend who lives in her garden and can't drag her out of it! Her hard work can be seen though; beautiful, take your breath away garden. She loves them too!

Sloggers come in a print also and they have several to choose from. These are my favorites. We have three different doors going outside to the back and both of the side yards. I have a pair sitting at each door so that I am not running to where ever I left one pair; I know it seems much, but it saves me time going back and forth and less ranting to be heard on my part . I can understand the saying, "Everything has it's price."

When I seen Sloggers also carried rain boots, it brought back memories from my childhood. I had a pair of red rain boots when I was little. I couldn't wait for it to rain, so that I could wear them and splash around in the puddles. I purchased them in a red paisley print and I might add... I do not wait for the rain.



  1. I never knew gardening could be so stylish. The noise sounds like a riot. lol

  2. Well I feel very left out...First I hear of Darlene's Sloggers and now you, and look at all the different colors and styles.

    Guess I just need to take a trip to the local drug store and see what they offer... if not...on line I go!!

    Last summer I did ruin a pair of sandals doing some yard work....

    You find the neatest places to visit Angela.... Have you thought about being a Tour Guide?

  3. I love them! you will have to send me the website, I have a pair I got from a shoe store.

    love you