Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Blustery Day ~

The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down...

The sky grew very dark and the rain poured down fast. The rain hit our roof and windows hard. We noticed there was some hail, although it melted as soon as it hit the ground. Our daughter Diandra came out of her room with wide eyes and the dogs were nervous too. Charlie and I giggled and acted like little kids as we walked out to the back porch and felt the rain. When Charlie seen the rain was coming down faster than the drains could let it go down, it was then, he started to get nervous. He mentioned something about the walls and checking for leaks. I on the other hand, snuggled on the couch with a blanket and took in the sound of the rain.


What is the weather like in your part of the world?


  1. When Jill was just a little girl, she loved her Pooh book "A Blustery Day."

    We had some hail too, on our way to my doctor's appointment. Crazy weather....now today sunshine! Go figure!

    Just love your pictures of the rain and hail...giggle!

  2. we had rain, hail, sun and a rainbow
    cold blowing wind. but it was sure a peaceful sound.

    love you