Friday, April 30, 2010

Bending the Wire

I have always enjoyed making beaded jewelery and find it very relaxing. A few years ago, I came across some beads that took me back to the 70s which had a feel of "flower power" and "peace" to them. My hand would not let the strand of beads go. As I ran the smooth glass through my fingers, I could see a chunky necklace that was happy with the colors of blues and yellows, hanging carefree around my neck. I bought the beads and later, I also found a sterling silver pendant that had some flowers resembling the flowers on the beads. Everything sat in a paper bag for two years. The necklace I pictured was with links and I knew only how to strand beads. I found myself a little (okay a lot) intimidated by bending the wire.

I finally got over my fear of messing it up and sat down and gave it a try. I thought to myself, 'If I "mess" it up, I can just take it apart and start over again, it's no biggie.' Are my loops perfect? NO. That is okay... I am learning how to bend the wire and having fun while I am at it. I have already made three more necklaces by bending the wire and making links! Every time I make a necklace or bracelet, I get a little better at it. I have already fixed the necklace (I am showing you), in some of the areas I was not too happy with. Needless to say... I am having a blast! It feels good to step out of the box I have put myself in, which has made it capable for me to be more "creative" and not so constricted. Let the creative juices flow!



  1. They are beautiful Angela... There is something quite amazing with beads. Their touch, the way the light hits them, the feeling they give you. You must look lovely with this delightful necklace hanging around your neck!

    Love you
    Wanda Mom

  2. Beauty Full necklace! I want to get back to my beads sometime! Getting creative, doesn't it relax YOU too?!!!

  3. That's beautiful Angela! Would you make me one for my car to hang from my rearview mirror???

  4. great stuff, angela!

    the lee valley supplement, page 14, has a jeweler's device also great for wire bending, $9.50

  5. Sure diamonds and pearls are girls best frieds but if you ask me I prefer something that I know someone I know made with her own hands. Those are beautiful.

  6. very pretty you can make me and kaitlyn one I will even pay you for them

    love you

  7. This is gorgeous Angela. Good for you for trying something different. I have always wanted to make jewelry, but talked myself out of it. Again you have inspired me..!