Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Awareness ~

It started when my Nina sent me an e-mail two years ago about plastics that we use and it made me more aware of the effects it has on our bodies. I was discussing this with a friend who also has the same concerns. Her mother has ovarian cancer and we both think there is more to the plastic we use on a daily basis then we realize. We both grew up in the 70's and drank soda out of glass bottles. Our condiments came in glass; almost everything did. Glass has been slowly phased out and plastic is now the norm. We both were trying to be more conscientious of what we bought and what contains it. It was then, we noticed just how much comes in plastic. Try it, just look in your refrigerator and take note of all the plastic. When we were younger, we hardly heard of anyone having cancer. Now it seems there are three out of five people we know personally or through someone close to us, that have some form of cancer (Cancer is not the only concern). I know that in addition to heredity and the environment, what we take into our bodies and how we live also can have a role. I am not trying to give plastic a bad wrap (no pun intended), but I would like to be more educated on the subject.

I have stopped drinking from plastic water bottles and switched over to stainless steel. Through the years, I have gradually been adding a stainless bottle here and there because one is not enough; I fill them with soy milk, juice, or green tea. Grabbing a plastic water bottle is easy, but planning and being more aware and conscious makes me feel like I am making a small difference in how I live, what I put into my body and it is Eco friendly too! Earthlust is the brand name of some of the stainless steel bottles I have; how suiting is that!

Here are several short but interesting interviews on YouTube.

Safe Water Bottle Review

Coming Clean


Please share with me what you are doing. I would love to know and maybe I can put it into practice.


  1. Hi Angela ~~
    Your stainless steel bottles are beautiful.

    I have heard of cancer all my life, Angela. My grandparents died of it, all my mother's siblings (except one) died of cancer. Including my mom and dad.

    I think it is wise to be aware of dangers of plastic, water, etc. and I take my hat off to you for being so zealous.

    Who would want to drink out of a plastic bottle if they could drink from one of your beauties!~

    And I'll drink to that!!

    Love and Hugs
    PS Thanks for the great tips in the email about Sloggers.

  2. very cool we have a few stainless steel bottles as well. yours are very pretty

    love you

  3. Hi Angela,
    Something is causing cancer.I just lost my best friend of 47 years to pancreatic cancer. He was only 59. We have a reverse osmosis system for the water we drink. It is under the sink. We do reuse plastic water bottles. I hardly ever buy any water anymore. As a former Water & Sewer Plant Supervisor, I have seen stainless steel rust of decay also. Moderation is the key.
    Love, UJ