Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I read this comic FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE this past weekend in the Sunday newspaper and it brought a smile to my face. The week before, I had a conversation with a friend that was almost word for word! Looking back, I can't believe at how I was "on top of it" when I had four kids at home. Everything was done the weekend before Thanksgiving and absolutely no later than the weekend after. It now takes me forever to do anything! I tell myself every year, "Next year, I will do better!" Next year comes, yet... there is still "no change" to be seen and then I feel disappointed in myself. Reading this comic made me feel like I am not alone. There are others out in the world like me!

There is always next year ~


*Click on comic so that you can enlarge it for a better read.


  1. I read that too and thought the same thing!! I will be one of those people out there Dec 24th!!!

    Thanks for sharing
    Love peace and hugs

  2. I read and enjoy that comic daily. Sunday's was particularly prophetic. I'm very fortunate, Maryann does all of the planning and procuring, except for her own gifts. For that I am given catalogs with items selected then it is up to me to take action. There is one gift for her that remains to be "wrapped". Thank goodness for decorative bags.

    I did give our daughter in Portland some ideas for gifts for her mother. They will be awaiting us when we arrive next week.

    Now, stop reading this and go get your Christmas chores done. That's an order. Snerx

    Have a wonderful holiday. May peace and love be with you and yours always.

  3. Tia ~ Oh I hope NOT the 24th!
    I hope to see you the 26th at my Nina's!

    Jack ~ I have to tell you... last Saturday, at Charlie's suggestion, we went Christmas shopping together for the first time! We got a lot done that day and it only took a couple of hours! I had a lot of fun!

    I do the same thing with Charlie (catalogs). LOL!

    Order taken ~ giggle
    I hope you have a great day
    ((((Bunches of hugs)))) to you

  4. Sounds like you and Charlie made a day of good times. What a treasure you have in each other. Lots of hugs to you both from Maryann and me.