Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Month Of December

The cover of STING ~ IF ON A WINTER'S NIGHT...


December come to me
I hope I can see
You not just in dreams
I will let you be
Why can't you believe
How much you really mean?
December won't you come
Back with snow, even some
Don't say that it's done
I will carry you home
Take you from the loneliest place
You have known
I will carry you home
Take me from the loneliest place
I have known

Written by Norah Jones


Since the Month of August, there have been many deaths. In the month of November alone, there were four people I personally knew in one week. It was bizarre to read the obituaries in our local newspaper and see four people that I knew on one page. Charlie's mom passed away in September and also someone who's daughter died at a young 19 years of age in August, just to name a few.

The holiday's come and it is very hard for some that have lost their loved ones. To make matters worse, decisions are hurled at them daily. It can be overwhelming regardless of the way they are feeling. The holiday season accentuates the fact that their loved ones are no longer with them. Many people feel isolated from the festivities and alone in a variety of ways. Families split by divorce and families separated by distance have a difficult time handling the holiday season as well. People with meager financial means who cannot afford to keep up with the demands of the season also struggle to survive. In many households there is sadness, often hidden behind a happy facade. A season that began as the remembrance of the blessed birth has unfortunately evolved into a season of a high rate of suicides and heavy burdens.
From the book When Will I Stop Hurting? by June Cerza Kolf

The last two weeks some friends and I have come together and made baskets to reach out to those we know who've lost their loved ones or finding it difficult this year financially; letting them know they are not alone, show to support, and try to lessen the heavy burden. December can be a month of sadness to many. It is a hard month to get through. I know this from past experience.

You might know someone who is in need and not know how to approach them. Just do it. Let your heart reach out; send them a card with a personal note, or give them a hug for starters. Sometimes our gut is telling us exactly what to do and we are afraid to act on it. Just go with it. It may be the one gift you can give that makes all of the difference to someone this season.


  1. Beautiful post my love
    and the spirit feels I have been doing baking not just for the family but myself and a friend baked to take goodies to the local convelsent
    homes. and last night we had a youth of carolers going door to door your cousin was one. what a wonderful feeling it is to give

    sending you peace, hugs, and most especially LOVE to you all hope to see you soon

    <3 Tia

  2. Great thoughts... thank you :)

  3. This piece is just more evidence of the angel that you are.

    Thanks for being you and sharing yourself with us.

    Have a happy holiday.

  4. Angela, you speak from your own hurts and losses..and you words are so meaningful to me. This week, Jose and Janice (two of our dear blogger friends) lost loved ones... I will use your insight as I reach out to them this week, with cards, and words of love.

    Angela your posts are so beautiful and meaningful... I'm so glad you are finding the time to share your life with us.
    I love you
    Wanda Mom