Wednesday, December 9, 2009

China Town

After our mini melt down (non-stop laughing hysterically in Old Navy) we decided it was time to venture off and do a little site seeing. Our feet took us to a bus stop which led us to China Town. In my past visits, I have only driven through it, so this was such a treat! Towards dusk time, we started to feel like we were actually in China listening to the Mandarin language, which made me feel like a foreigner! It was wonderful to see a different culture and as I looked around at the old buildings, I could feel the history everywhere. I will say it again, it was wonderful and it was my favorite part of the day.

This dragon was so big, it was in the center of a circling stair well. Beautiful!

A little sunshine planted outside of someones window.

This is what the street lights looked like. Notice the dragons climbing up the pole.

Airing hopefully clean laundry! LOL!

An oriental apartment building. Again, notice everyone is drying their clothes out the window's. I don't know why that just amazed me? I guess it is because, we just don't see that here in the valley.

Chinese lanterns hanging everywhere outside of this building.

This picture does not bring justice to this old building. It overlooked the park and when I looked up, the colors were gorgeous! On the very top of the building it is metal and is turning Verde green/grey. The purple and colorful clothes with the green was so pleasing to the eyes. Looking at the picture, I don't know why I am posting it. I wish that you could have seen what I saw.

A pigeon getting a drink right out of the faucet.

Some older women sitting on milk boxes with a make shift card table out of a card board box turned upside down. They were playing a serious game of cards and pennies, and it was COLD out. There was another lady with a big camera who got this shot too. We smiled at each other as we shared this moment , seeing how sweet these ladies were and never having to say a word.

An old sign in the market area.

A mini produce market.

Colorful produce.

Next year, we will visit two old women who make Fortune cookies by hand at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory!


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Making the photos bigger by clicking on them really does them justice. What a wonderful way to add to wonderful adventure. There is something serene and comforting about sharing a moment with a stranger. It just shows that we are more alike than different.

  2. The composition of your photos is fantastic.

    btw, was it Monday, ergo the wash on the lines? snerx

  3. very beautiful photos and I am so glad that you all had fun in China Town. ( I think they hang out the laundry cause it dries faster with the breeze!! LOL!) your tour of the for next year sounds fun can we come!

    hug, peace and love