Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bittersweet Chaos

After Charlie's doctor visit on June 12th, we had three weeks until we were to go camping in the High Sierra's. Charlie had been looking forward to this trip since last year. On the fourth of July he would turn 50 and all he wanted was to be surrounded by our family. Everyone arranged their schedule so that this would happen. Our son Rob, his wife Nessa and our daughter Diandra would be the only three that could not make it due to living in a different state and work.

When we got back from our first vacation in June, we had four weeks until the next one, in July. We were up for the task of being ready at the time of discussing our vacations. Although we had no idea what was to follow after the first week being back from our first one. The emotional roller coaster had begun the second ride. Charlie had a construction job to finish and I had a less than a week of summer school left. There was a c-scan, another bone scan and doctor visits on the calender waiting for the hour to arrive. At times we honestly thought that going on the second vacation would be too much for us. We then had to consider that our loved ones had arranged this time to be with us. Charlie and I quickly changed our attitudes, putting the thought of "backing out" out of our minds.

The fourth of July was spent with Charlie's brother and his family. We had B-B-Q steak and lobster. It was nice seeing his parents (Charlie's mom has Alzheimer's, although she still lights up when she sees us). We spent the rest of the night quietly at home and got some rest for the coming day of getting ready to go to the High Sierra's. Although our emotions and energy were spent on the last four weeks, nothing could prepare us for the week with a total of twenty family members; eleven being 1 niece, 3 nephews and 7 grand-children. It was not a week of R&R. Needless to say, we all crashed at the end of the day.

Our patience never grew thin; well. . . now thinking about it, maybe a few times.



  1. I am glad that Charlie and you had a wonderful vacation next year maybe we can throw he and uncle Jeff a big 51 st birthday since they are only a week apart!!

    sending you much love and hugs

  2. You never can tell where the energy will come from that helps you through the difficult times. Being surrounded by a loving family is only one of them.

    Take care of each other.

    btw, the flower photo is beautiful.

  3. Three things strike me as being beautiful in you post.

    First, the stunning beauty of the photo with the blues and oranges. Exquisite.

    Second, the beauty of your words, and how you weave a story for us.

    And third, the beauty of your lives, and your family, pulling together for you and Charlie.

    You are precious in His sight, and mine.
    Love you forever
    Wanda Mom

  4. being with family that love and support you is its own kind of drain and reward. I hope and believe the reward outset the drain entirely and built you both up in certain ways for what is to come.

    We always look at age as though it is a choice! As compared to what? She asks laughing.