Monday, August 3, 2009

#1 ~ Walk With Me ~

Pffft "Well behaved." I am thinking, 'Come on Sophie and Semone ~ you can do this.'

These are the steps to the trail to get to the Columns Of The Giants in the High Sierra's. My mom and I enjoyed the scenery, while Charlie went fishing.

When I see a bridge; a structure built over a depression or obstacle for use as a passageway. I always think of what it symbolizes in one's own life. You have to cross the bridge...

to get to the other side.

The sweet lady in the picture above is my mom walking Sophie.



  1. very beautiful photos and looking at the bridge yes it makes me think of all the bridges one must cross in their life.

    love and hugs

  2. Oh what a breathtaking walk you have share with me.

    And I absolutely love the picture of your mom on the bridge.

    You need to mat and frame that and give it to her on her birthday, or some occasion....

    Love and Hugs forever
    Wanda Mom