Thursday, August 6, 2009

The River Flows

Friends and Prayer ~

As we walked back to Charlie from our little hike, I ran into a friend named Judy who lives close to where we live. She lives out in the country and has a lovely country store that is throughout four buildings on her property. I have gotten to know her through the years and she has been praying for Charlie.

I learned in our conversation that Judy and her husband had just lost their dog on the fourth of July. They were walking on their property and noticed that their little dog was no longer with them. They went to look for her and found her laying on the ground having a seizure. Their little dog didn't make it. They were devastated and decided to head to the mountains to try to get their mind on something else. Their story made me love on my little one's; giving them extra hugs and kisses. I felt so bad for them.

Charlie had walked up and they immediately started to ask how he was doing. Charlie has never met them and I introduced Charlie to them and added that they have been praying for him throughout his cancer journey. Charlie humbly thanked them and then the men started talking about fish and where the good fishing-holes were.

When we go camping in Nevada High Sierra's, I have learned that die-hard campers are creatures of habit. We like to go to the same places, at the same time. We have become friends with many of our neighbors while camping. We have had meals together, help fix trailer's, exchanged stories and have always learned that we know someone in common; there is that six degree theory. Our neighbors, when we go camping at this time of year, also live in the little town that we live in. I know it's Crazy! When we got our campsite situated, we said our quick Hello's and immediately, for both of us, our friends and family started flowing in.

Later during the week, The wife of Art (I believe her name is Linda; our neighbor's at camp) came over to visit me. She had told me that they just lost their son three months ago, he was only 42 years old. It was sudden and unexpected. He went to work on Thursday and he was gone on Sunday. He wasn't feeling well, was taken by ambulance and they learned that he had Acute Leukemia. She started to cry and I hugged her. She immediately asked how Charlie was doing. I told her we just found out about the bone cancer. It was the first time I let my strong wall down, and cried with her. We shared our grief and told each other that we would keep each other in our prayers.

Through the week, friends and family poured in on both of our sites. Our neighbors being from our little town, we knew just about everyone that visited them! They all came over and were excited to see us too. They all told Charlie they were praying for him. My heart overflowed with God's goodness and love. It was so good to see and feel the love and warmth of family and friends surround our neighbors with their support through this difficult time. In addition, we also felt the concern, support and love through their continuous prayer. Charlie again felt humbled. With going camping at this time of the year and meeting everyone, with what was going on in all of our lives. . . I felt it was a divine camping trip and it was beautiful to witness. I can tell Charlie that he is being prayed for; which is greatly appreciated. Although at times, for someone going through the fire, it is hard to know and feel the support through a second person. In turn, you hear only "nice words" spoken. When people come out of the woods, LITERALLY and tell you themselves, it is quite different all together. Now when I tell him so and so is praying for him, it will mean more having seen it for himself.

On the drive back to camp, I was thinking about everyone who keeps Charlie and I in their prayers, on a prayer list, lights a candle for us and are thinking positive thoughts for us. Through blogging, I have met beautiful friends here. Your heart felt prayers, positive, loving and caring comments have also supported Charlie and I. At times, through this cancer journey we are on, those comments have carried me. In addition, I know that I have a lot of readers from all over the world that haven't commented and are probably doing the same for us. When Charlie was getting his chemo treatments in the Hospital, I would print my post and read it to him later the next day.

With all that being said. . . I am truly thankful and feel so blessed!

My cup is overflowing!


  1. I am one of those from faraway (Sydney, Australia) who is thinking of you and praying for you


  2. Where would we be without loving one another? Some place I don't want to know about. God is so good, so very, very good.

  3. what a heartfelt post I hope you know that you all are in our constant thoughts and prayers and in our hearts on a daily continuous basis.

    hugs and love