Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flying With Torn Wings

While we are camping, Charlie can find me down by the river. I bring my lounge chair, a book in hand and sit right by the water's edge. The sound of the river running, sitting still and taking the nature in, is not hard to do. I have fallen asleep many times because it is so relaxing. I didn't get to do this very much on our most recent trip. This year, I noticed a lot of butterflies, more than usual, fluttering around. Honestly, I could stand still and they would just fly circling around me, maybe 12-15 at a time. The wind would blow through my hair and I had to giggle with feeling like I was Pocahontas or Faeries were going to show up at anytime. It was really magical.

I also noticed that they would land at the water's edge to drink water. It would start with one Butterfly and then slowly they would start landing one after another as if they didn't like to drink alone. As I watched the Butterflies, I noticed that quite a few of them had torn wings. I was amazed that they could still fly and wondered how they had gotten torn. Possibly from the wind and getting tangled in the manzanita bush? I suddenly felt like the butterfly that had torn wings... I am still flying too.


  1. What a Beauty Full post Angela! I LOVE butterflys and dragon flies! How magical it must have been with them flying soOOOOOo close! and to watch them drinking water! God is always with YOU and what a sweet gift he gave to YOU! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ah! Angela!

    How poetic is that! Very! Courageous and beautiful too. Hugs, huge ones!

  3. Angela, you are truly a magic person. You give so much love that those creatures who would stay away from most of us are drawn to you. OK, the water helped, too. But, you did choose to sit by the water.

    So, you go to the water with a book and a chair. You also brought your camera. Exquisite photos. We are all fortunate that you share this part of your life with us. We are all the better for it.

    My love to you and your family. You are truly blessed.

  4. How wonderful Angela. The image you paint with your words, and the pictures you take with your camera, makes me just wawnt to be sitting there with you. Being very quiet of course (haha) but I love your gentle spirit, and your feel for nature.

    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  5. your talent for photo taking always amazes me and your words somehow had the magic even more.

    love you my sweet

  6. It's amazing at how raggedy butterflies can get and still be able to fly. I suppose they have plenty of wing to spare.

  7. It feels so long since we have 'talked'. I hope all is well and you are ready to start the next stage of your journey this month.
    You are brave and smart, you will always succeed.
    love you,
    big hugs