Sunday, January 11, 2009

I love my Ariat 'FatBaby'

Distressed Brown Bombers w/my Levi Strauss Button Up 501 Jeans

I initially got my FatBaby boots to leave in the Trailer for our excursions. I found them to be a no stress option and just too easy to pull on at any given time. I would get up to take our chi Samone out in the morning to go tinkle and only have on boxer shorts with a thrown on sweat shirt hoodie, hair tasseled and my boots. Charlie would just snicker as I walked Samone until she did her business. I decided to take my boots out of the trailer on one of our trips back. I couldn't let them go. I have noticed that I want to be comfortable the older I get and less stress is best! It's not that I have let fashion fly out the door. I just don't care much anymore what people think.

One day Charlie called to ask me to go to a late breakfast. I had been busy doing chores around the house. I told him that I had not taken a shower and that I was in my grey sweats, and a tie-dye tank top. He said that he only had time to go now. I said, "well, then I am not changing. I am going the way that I am." I heard a dreaded sigh come out of him as he hesitated saying, "Well, then put on a sweatshirt ." He has been working on someones house in town a few blocks over, so he picked me up right away. I came out with my grey sweats, tie-dye tank hanging out from under my ocean teal blue sweat shirt and my FatBabies on. He just shook his head with a silly grin on his face. As we walked to the Cafe where everyone goes to in town, He saw that it was full and kissed me on the cheek as he put his arm around me. I just looked at him and said, "What?" He said smiling, "You have no shame." I said my hello's to the customers that we knew.

I went over to my
girl friends house two doors down who warned me she was still in her nightgown. I told her, "Oh that's okay." When I first enter her home, she always checks me from head to toe, holding me by my arms like someone does when they haven't seen a good friend for a long time. Then she got to my boots and started giggling. I had on my FatBabies, pajama bottoms, t-shirt, sweater and a hooded pea coat. She pulled me in and took a deep breath of me. As she holds me she checks me to see if I have been eating. That is one of her ways to see if I am okay. It is really sweet, like in a protective kind of way. Then she wants to talk about my boots. She loves shoes and asks me why I haven't put these on my blog?! I told her people don't want to know about my boots! She said, "Not just the boots, they have a story."

I am sharing my boots with you ladies. These are so comfortable. My daughter Diandra introduced me to them years ago. They come in so many different colors. Right now a lot of them are also on sale if you are interested. Check them out! The link is below.

The Boot Barn


  1. Angela I love them.,.!
    Next time I'm in the US I shall look for them.
    I'm a take me as you find me kinda gal, more so as I get older.
    Did you see the foot note on my blog page, that says it all.
    Love you guys


  2. What fun to know you aren't always perfectly put together and available for 'human consumption.' I've always been afraid of or for the women who say things like, "My husband has never seen me without make-up!" and the like. Are they pod people or what?

    You are definitely like me, I don't get dressed until I'm ready and I like that! Good for you!

  3. HEY! Girly!!! We are on the same page today!!! Go LOOK at my collage for today and LOOK at those SWEET suede boots, I'd LOVE a pair of those!!! Jerry's workplace gives them 2 coupons a year for work boots and the last day of December we were at Benny's Boot Hill and I was cruising for me some boots!!! Love yours, Thanks for the tip!!! WOOT!!!

  4. Hi Angela!!
    Mum told me, You just have to see Angela's boots!!!
    We giggled this morning at the spa.
    But now is the first chance I've had to get over here and see.
    Wow! I love them. So very cute indeed.
    Glad to read Charlie is feeling stronger, that is fantastic. Enjoy those dates, they are so important.