Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Tail of Two Feathers ~

She noticed him from a distance,

as he was grazing on the lawn.

She couldn't help but notice his broad muscular neck

or how beautiful his feathers were as

his tail flowed across the grass.

She thought if she could get a little closer to him,

he might also notice her.

Uh oh... he is looking!

It was love at first sight!

And that is the tail of how they met.

This last Saturday, Charlie called me while he was at work. He asked me if I would like to go out to dinner and go see a movie. I wasn't expecting that at all and was a little surprised to say the least; he comes home from work and just collapses. I didn't think he would really feel up to going out after a day of work, but he did! We went to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants called Minnie's. We took our time and enjoyed the conversation between one another. We went to the movies and saw the new Clint Eastwood movie Gran Torino. Charlie even got some popcorn and a soda. When the movie was over, we strolled over to Starbucks to get a couple of our favorite drinks and sat on a bench beneath a tree with twinkling lights in it. It was such a nice night. I can't remember the last time we went on a "date". He is feeling good and stronger every day. He expressed to me how he wanted us to treat the time we spend together as if it was our last and really cherish it.

I can understand where he is coming from. When you have gone through something like we have this last year... you tend to look at life through cancer colored glasses. It is just too bad that sometimes it takes something like this to get to that point to really appreciate each other and know what really matters.

* Story above has no relation to how I met Charlie.

Charlie's :
MRI impression ~ Normal mild bone edema at T7 on the left side with associated mild enhancement, most likely related to degenerative changes as opposed to metastatic disease, although this cannot be completely ruled out. Close followup is recommended.

C-Scan ~ has become smaller is size.



  1. What a marvelous post.

    I always knew Charlie was a great guy. After all he had the good sense to marry you.

    Keeping a positive attitude, living in the moment and loving your life are all in the recipe of a happy life.

    Not knowing Charlie any more than I do by having read your blog, I bet there is a modicum of truth to the tail tale. chortle.

    My best to you all. And, as we used to say, Keep on truckin'.

  2. Whew! Not bad news at all. I think you are right! It is so easy to take everything in our lives for granted. We are to live each day with excitement and expectancy! Savor each moment for we haven't any of us, a guarantee of more!

  3. I'm glad you've been able to take off those 'glasses' and see that the world is sunny again.

  4. Angela what a beautiful post, and heartfelt story. Love the pictures of the Tail of Two Feathers....
    You and Charly do having something rare and special.

    I've had some computer problems, but your last three posts have been marvelous.

    You are quite the writer my dear.

    LOL:Wanda Mom

  5. Ang,

    so glad that you and Charlie are having little "dates" it's always nice to do (we go on one at least once a month)take your advice and enjoy each other!

    still keeping you both in our thoughts
    sending big hugs to you both

    (((( big HUGS))))

    love you

  6. "It is just too bad that sometimes it takes something like this to get to that point to really appreciate each other and know what really matters."
    This is so true Angela. Nothing is taken for granted now, and every day, even the cold wet ones hold promise.
    The date sounds wonderful, I saw the trailer for that film when we went to see Seven Pounds(Will Smith) a couple of weeks ago. Maybe we will go see it too..