Friday, October 31, 2008

~ Yikes!

Cruella de Vil or ummm... Diandra

My daughter loves to dress up for Halloween. I believe that when she has her own children some day, she will be one of those mommy's that dress up with their children. This makes me smile.

When she was getting ready for a Halloween get together, I was laying on my bed, talking to my mom on the telephone. I already had two of our three chi's next to me, when the third (who had been with Diandra) suddenly ran in to lay right next to me and just stared at the door. I thought that was odd, but just went on talking to my mom. Then I heard the echoing footsteps of high heels walking down the hall. My daughter or should I say Cruella (in character) came in my room. All three of the girls started growling and barking; I guess in fear for their dear lives. If Cruella had seen the new movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua and had it her devilish little mind about a new chi coat, the girls were not having any part of it!

Have a Happy & Safe Halloween Everyone!


  1. Yikes is right!!! Diandra makes such a good Cruella it's kinda eerie! By the way, this is Diandra's friend Susan (just so you know and aren't wondering who i am LOL). Hope you don't mind the comment

  2. how Fun! she looks awesome, Kaitlyn was once Cruella this year for imagination day she was a fashion disaster! ( she made up her own costume!!)

    hope all is well

  3. It doesn't matter if Diandra if in or out of costume.... She's a doll!!
    Love the pose.... But where's the damation?? :)

    Love and Hugs