Friday, October 17, 2008


Neglect ~ Habitual lack of care; To disregard or pay little attention to something; To fail to care for, or attend to something; To fail to do or carry out something due to oversight or carelessness

When a person goes through a rough time and feels so consumed by what is happening in their life, they can forget to take care of themselves. These things just don't matter anymore or seem unimportant.

This last Mother's Day, my kids gave me a gift certificate to get a pedicure, massage, and body scrub with lunch to also be served. They encouraged me not to wait and get it A.S.A P! At the time, Charlie was going through his chemo treatments and I just didn't feel it was the best time to get that done. I also felt guilty in the thought of pampering myself, knowing how my husband was feeling. I just couldn't do it. I kept waiting for the perfect time, well you know how that is... it never comes. The months kept going by one after another. So, I decided to just call and make the appointment. It was wonderful! I have to admit, I was a little nervous only because I have never done this before and didn't know what to expect. I think that the next time, I will be more relaxed about it and be able to enjoy it much more. Ha! Did I say "the next time?!" Yes, I think I could get very used to that kind of self-indulgence. Even though, I still have a very hard time thinking about spending money on myself like that. I thought about how a little less stressed and very relaxed I had felt afterward. Was that something I could do on a more regular basis? Well, I guess I could work some over-time to pay for it... giggle. That would be defeating the purpose. I have to learn how to do some of that kind of pampering at home.

What do you do to de-stress and/or pamper yourself?

Thank you Rob, Nessa and Diandra!


  1. You can better care for others when you are able to take care of yourself.

    Glad to know it was enjoyable for you.

    Do it some more. I am sure Charlie has given you the requisite encouragement to do so.

  2. Oh Angela I'm so glad you got to have a day of someone else caring and pampering YOU!! Can't think of anyone I'd rather see get that kind of treatment.

    What do I do... Well I've given myself a pedicure in my patio with a washtub and scrub and polish.

    Since I'm retired... I can take a nap in the middle of the day

    I take long baths and showers now...cause I can..not in a rush to get to work...

    You just keep taking care of yourself, and who knows... Chistmas is coming..maybe another gift card will come your way!!

    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  3. well I have not really pampered my self in that way maybe I will heed some advice from you and give it a whirl!

    sending you big hugs and lot's of love


  4. I'm glad to spoiled yourself if only for the day. Try to do it every couple of months, it is so good for you..!

  5. yeah...*cough* it was about TIME you got your treat!