Monday, October 20, 2008

October is...

Brest Cancer Awareness Month

It just so happens that this next week, I will be getting my annual mammogram. I feel really good about getting it done and want to encourage you ladies not to put this off. The school I work at, we have lost a few teachers to breast cancer and also have some fighting this. In memory of these teachers and to show support in this cause, the whole school has been wearing pink all week... even the boys. It is really very touching.

Early detection is your best protection!

* I don't know why, but I feel like doing a cheerleader kick and yelling, "GO GIRLS!"



  1. "GO GIRLS" is right, I'll join you in the cheer!!

    I've been getting an annual mamogram since I was 40 and I'm 67 and it always feels good to get that report that says your OK!!!

    Love the picture.... :)

  2. Ditto on the GO GIRLS!!! cheer.

    Maryann always gets her annual checks. We are careful about our diets too.

    Glad to know that ALL of the kids are so supportive at your school.

    The photo rocks.

  3. what a great cheer! mine is coming up in Dec!

    thanks for the reminder!

    love the photo as well


  4. Great advice Angela.
    Cancer isn't always something that happens to 'other people'. I am in a breat awareness program, and I am called every two years to go for my mammogram, and have been going for almost 20 years. Self examination is important too, as you know your body better than anyone.
    Go girls is right..!