Saturday, October 4, 2008

Captured Moments

Charlie ~ first camping trip @ Dardanelle

Charlie ~ second camping trip @ Dardanelle

I have had quite a few people e-mail me about how Charlie is doing, so I thought that maybe I should give you an update.

This summer we have really tried to focus on getting his weight up from 115 lbs.; which was his lowest weight with his last chemo treatment this last May. He is now at a strong 149 lbs. His normal weight when he was healthy was 170 lbs. He has been able to work during the week and quite honestly pushes himself a lot to do this because as he puts it, "Bills have to be paid!" There were some days in the beginning that he really had no business working. I can see him getting stronger, but he does come home absolutely exhausted. It is more than a "normal tired" from a days work. I will find him a sleep from time to time, in different chairs throughout the house with his feet propped up. Some days are better than others ~ some weeks are better than others. Charlie has never been one to sit and do nothing; his mind is always going. This part has been hard for him and he has told me several times that he does not know how "to do nothing," it is not who he is. Although I can see with time, he is learning to listen to his body more. He still gets nauseous and that continues to be a struggle. Last week-end he woke up to feeling the same pain before his chemo treatments and admitted that he was scared. That pain has not been felt since.... at least he isn't telling me. I find myself watching him more without him knowing it, to see if he is hiding pain from me (he has been known to do that).
We take days one at a time.

His next Doctors appointment is at the end of this month. I thought that it was to get his next scan, but Charlie said that is in December. It's funny how sometimes there can be two people hearing the same thing, but getting two different things. I will be making a call to see who is right.

We have made a point of going on some camping trips or getting away when he finishes a job (he is in construction), so that he can rest in between. We kinda know that we need to get a way for him to take a "break." When we are at home there are things that need to be done and he really doesn't get any rest; he pushes himself. In the pictures above, you can see a fish if you look in the water. By the way, he caught both of them. :)

I find myself taking more pictures of Charlie than usual, wanting to capture moments. In doing so, recently when I went through my photos on the computer, I had paid some extra attention to these "captured moments." I had seen that they were being chronicled with times and dates. It has made me realize what a journey he/we have been on.

I am so proud of my Charlie!

Thank you for your show of concern, support and continued prayer!
It means a lot to me.


  1. God Bless You Both.

    Love ♥♥

  2. It is good to see Charlie fishing and having some of his weight back. I pray that all of the reports will be positive and he will continue to beat this "beast."

  3. I am so glad to see those photos
    continuing prayers everyday and I know the angels in heaven are lending a helping hand as well. glad that you two get a break now and then It's good to do that.

    sending you big hugs to all of you
    and much LOVE your way

    love ya tia

  4. Thanks for the update! I pray for Charlie almost every day. I am glad to hear that he is doing ok.

  5. It's great to read that Charlie is gaining back some of his weight and has the spirit and determination to get things done.
    I'll pray that the next visits to the Dr have a good outcome and you can relax and stop worrying.
    Hugs to you both


  6. May God be very near to you both in these days!

  7. Great pictures of Charlie! They look like something out of National Geographics. You are an awesome photographer.

    So glad that C is getting stronger and listening to his body.

    Loving on you dear....
    Wanda Mom

  8. HEY. Don't leave me outta this. ;) Daddy is doing much better.

  9. What a treat to see these photos. Apparently fishing is the best way to recouperate...well that's what my hubby says anyway.