Thursday, June 19, 2008

The sign of the times

I have posted about Moss Landing before. We took a couple of trips into this quiet little town while we vacationed.

From the road, you didn't notice the sea lions unless you were really looking at the scenery. Our friend stopped and we went to investigate... the closer you got to this little dock, you could see how many were on it!

A baby snoozing on it's mommas back. Ahhh! I remember my kids doing this to me.

Don't they have the sweetest eyes?!

This seems to be the sign of the times. On the side of the road, there is a pottery-garden shop that always catches my eye when we drive by. On the property, this peace sign is way up high on a pole with white lights wrapped all around it. I know it may seem silly of me to take a picture of this, but it was my sign.

Here, in the same area as the sea lions, were some sea otters playing and having a good time. The one that is looking at the camera, I think kept posing for me.

It is interesting to me now that I am thinking about our trip, how we would take our time and appreciate everything that came into our path. We spent a couple of hours doing this! I also loved how the sea animals seemed to make eye contact with us. They were as much aware of us, as we were of them.


  1. Hey Angela..sea otters are probably my favourite animal. The are so funny, and so cute.
    I read your previous post, and I'm glad the woman you spoke to responded in the way she did. You needed to unload, and so did she.
    It was fate that you met that day.
    Charlie sounds like he is doing so much better and that is fabulous news.
    Thinking of you both,
    with love

  2. ((((((sigh)))))))

    Wanda Mom

  3. Sea Otters are also known as 'the Teddy Bears of the Sea' and when I was making artist teddy bears I made a mom and baby on a kelp pillow. Who doesn't love them? Beautiful memories.

  4. your photo taking talent amazes me!
    what great fun you must have had taking these photos!

    they are really great and as much as I like the photos of the sea animals
    I really like the Peace sign
    one day I will drive up there just to
    take a look at it!


  5. This made me smile today. I love the sweetness of sea lions and sea otters. Thanks for sharing such fabulous photos. Hope you and Charlie are having a good day.

    Hugs and Prayers


  6. Oh aren't they such big floppy clowns! Amazing to see them all piled up, sunbathing.

  7. On one of my SanFran visits, my birth-father took me to some beach south of SanFran to see the sea elelphants. It was AMAZING stuff. We go so close - I couldn't believe it. These pics made me think of that.