Thursday, June 12, 2008

Castles in the Sand

As I laid on the beach with my friend, she had noticed that I was in a far away place and asked me where I was. I shared with her that I was there on the beach, but in a different time. My husband was playing horse shoes with his friends, occasionally glancing over my way to get a look at me and then flashing me with his Matthew McConaughey smile. I would then be interrupted with one of my kids calling for my undivided attention, "MOM! Look at me! Look what I can do!" and another one following with, "Mom! Look at the neat sand castle I made!" I would also make sure that I slathered sunscreen on every inch of their bodies, asking them if they needed something to eat or drink. I couldn't help but feel sad as I drifted with the breeze of memories and knew too well with where I was in the present. I was feeling lonely and couldn't believe how much had changed. We had some good times on that beach, and it went by too fast. Although I was grateful for the time I was spending with my girlfriend, who was sensitive to my feelings and treated them with great care, what I would have given to go back in time. I had to think of the positive, there will be more good times. In the future, I was also hopeful that I would be taking walks on the beach with my girls (Diandra and Nessa giggle ~ not the dogs), combing it for shells, talking about life and how it was treating us. I also knew that someday, I will be with my grand-children, building castles in the sand.


  1. Yeah...makes you think how precious and short our time on earth really is.
    When the children are little we don't understand how fast they will grow up and how fast seasons in life change. But every season has a good side, too.
    That is a very nice 'bucket-photo'. Did you extra bring an antique one to the beach? It is great photography!

  2. Yes, dear Angela ~~ how fast the times goes. How quickly we move from the Summer of our lives to Autum than fall ~~ and for some of us winter.

    You have good days ahead, with Charlie, the beach, your girls, and before you know it....more grandchildren to play with on the beach.

    A agree with Gudl ~ that bucket is priceless ~~~

  3. sounds like you had a great time!
    (I was so old to have my last couple of kids, I'll be in my 90's before I get grandchildren from them! :)

  4. I know in my heart that you will indeed be combing the beach with the girls! (yes Diandra and Nessa) for sure you will be making sandcastles with grandchildren and most importantly you will have beautiful walks on the beach with Charlie and
    his Matthew M smile!!!(hehe)

    love ya