Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time and Effort

I know I have been quiet lately... it just seems like there is so much to do and nothing new to say.

It is Sunday and Charlie goes back to the hospital tomorrow morning for his five day chemo (he will get his blood drawn in the morning and that will tell us if he is able to do chemo). We had to postpone his chemo treatment last week because he just wasn't well enough to take it. Charlie came home from the hospital late afternoon on Wednesday of last week ~ he was there a week. After I got him settled here at home, I ran to the grocery store for special items that he would/could eat. I also went to the pharmacy to pick up his prescriptions (that were a whopping $398.03! Good Grief, Charlie Brown!).

It felt strange to be home. To cook something on my stove. To go tinkle in our bathroom at any given time. To be able to go outside and sit for a while.

I am trying to get some things done in the house before we go back to the hospital. As I took some breaks outside in our backyard, I also saw that it needed some attention. So Saturday, I spent the whole day in our yard and later in the day my mom came over to help me after she had got done with her Saturday cleaning chores ~ a BIG Thank you mom! It was quite a task getting the yard done, but it felt so good being outside and a weight lifted off of my shoulders knowing that it got done. I had to take the electric hedger and cut our ivy back around the pool. Do you ever wonder why you planted something that takes so much time and effort to take care of? As I sheared the ivy I thought to myself 'I would have never planted you if I had known.' It really is a production! The electric cord has to stay away from the water in the pool and I have to get a ladder, then there are leaves to get out of the pool. We also had aphids making them selves comfortable on the ivy and roses. Charlie showed me how to spray the chemical in the pump sprayer and to not spray it in the wind. I came in the house afterwards and took a shower before I made dinner. Charlie has been trying to eat. The doctor explained to him how important it is to try even if he is feeling sick. The doctor's are even concerned about how much weight he is losing. Bless his heart, I made dinner the night before last and he took one bite ~ felt sick and went to the bathroom. He came back to the table to eat his meal. When he was finished, he looked at his plate and said growling (as if he punched someone) talking to his cancer, "So there, take that!" There is my fighter! :)

Today's agenda for me will consist of cleaning the house and driving to town to pick up a list of things that Charlie will want for the hospital. I also want to take some time for myself today (before this week comes) and take a drive out in the country... if Charlie is able to be left alone. So far so good.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Much love to the Hiltons from Shoji and Jeanne, Brian, Jennifer and Hudson. Hudson celebrated his first birthday this weekend.

    We love you all and send many hugs and kisses!

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoXO ;-)

  2. Good for Charlie! Such a heavy and bittersweet time. Much love, Angela, to both of you.

  3. Charlie must be so proud of you as you are proud of him. You two are a great couple.

    I hope you were able to take that country drive in this wonderful weather. You certainly deserve it.

    The love and prayers continue...

  4. I spent quite a few recent nights praying - falling asleep praying. You guys were in quite a bit of that.

    Love you...

  5. I can cut those bushes like a pro...take me about 20 minutes or less. Thanks for the pictures mom. I sure miss our home and miss dad. Did my poster come in the mail for him yet?

  6. Wishing you both a good week. I hope you managed to go for a drive and take some pictures Angela.
    The ivy may be hard work, but it looks so good after all your hard work.
    I like Charlie's attitude...!!

  7. It is great to hear from you.
    You are doing great.
    You are a strong women.
    The hedge around the pool looks very nice.
    I am glad your husband was able to eat your dinner.
    Hang in there...May God bless you. HE is with you always.

  8. Lot's of love and well wishes coming your way!
    I am so proud of you my dear, I hope you got to take your drive.

    I would like to come visit you all
    when the time is right
    big hugs and kisses to all of you

    Love ya

  9. Glad to know that Charlie is fighting back. Maryann wasn't always hungry, but did eat. We always planned the menu with her favorites, even though they didn't have the same appeal.

    As for the ivy, it is a pain. We finally took it out of the garden area in the front of the house. It will take over the world if given the chance.

    I will continue to send Reiki energy to you and Charlie. Use it as you will.

    May love, peace and serenity be with you both.

  10. See...I love Charlie for things like that...what a trooper!

    and worked your ttle fanny off on your yard girl!
    good grief woman!

    be as quiet as you need to be, we are here waiting for all the good news :)

    love you sweetie,
    xoxo d

  11. I wish I could be there to help you out!....I know someday Rob and I will be coming over all the time to help out.....I miss you...