Monday, April 28, 2008

i have an idea...

When Charlie is in the hospital getting his chemo I will bring a book, some magazines and Knifty Knitter. I think you could say that I am a little hooked ;) on this gadget.

I enjoy looking for unique yarn.

Of many different colors

and textures

Mmmm... pretty purple with some sparkle

I put some away for gifts and I wear some of them too.

SO! Here is my idea... you leave a comment on this post and this Thursday I will pull a name out of a hat. During Charlie's next stay in the hospital, I will knit your scarf. I know that it is not the season to wear scarves, but you can put it away for the next Fall/Winter season.

When I pull the name out of the hat, at that time I will ask that person what color, etc. they would like.

Come on... Leave me a comment letting me know you want one. Give me something to do in the hospital. Help me feel like I am still a part of this blogging community.


  1. Hi: I'll put my name in the hat :) This is my first time at your blog...I linked from Desperately Seeking Serenity - and I'm glad I did; I'll keep reading.


  2. Well, I could use one now -- it was in the 30's this morning!
    (green is my favorite color. :)

  3. i haven't been commenting lately but have been reading, i just wanted you to know that i have been thinking about you and supporting you from afar ...

    i could always use a scarf, i mean its supposed to snow here on wednesday and given the blizzard we had last week, well, i may not wait until fall, lol ... so please put me in the hat ...

    i have those knitters and LOVE them : ) xo

  4. We have l o n g winters!
    I don't only want one, I NEED one

    Count me in!

  5. Well, I'm not sure what mother nature's plans are, but I think she's lost her groove. It's almost May and the wethr is more like autumn than spring over here... i would really like a scarf :)

    Sending you much love
    xox Silvia

  6. We were cold this morning here in Ohio but I had problems with the blanket and ended up getting up and trying to get warm. You do nice work.

  7. You don't have to knit me a scarf:), but I want you to know that I read your blog and send positive thoughts to you and your husband as you travel this difficult part of your journey.

  8. Hey Angela...please put my name in the hat. Scarves are a must up here in the frozen North..!
    Thinking of you guys and hope all is going well..
    love and big hugsxx

  9. Oh fun, fun....My name is in!!! I would love one in browns or gold!!

    This is a wonderful idea Angela, to knit while visiting Charlie!!

    Is there such a thing as "French" yarn (((smile)))

  10. Honey, I want my name in the hat just so that I can have something you made. It would mean so much to me.

    The love and prayers continue from Japan this week. You, Charlie and family are always in our thoughts. Little Leo sends bubbly kisses.

    We Love you sweetie,

  11. Oh honey, I would love anything you made me. But shouldn't I be making something for YOU?

    Love you tons.

  12. my name is in the hat too!
    I love your idea and as you know I happen to have a nifty knitter also
    I have not used in a while and now after reading this I am going to start doing it again since your a pro maybe you can give me some help!!!

    Love ya

  13. The blogger gremlins got me yesterday. I tried to leave a comment, and for some mysterious reason it is gone.

    Our youngest daughter is a knitter and does some fantastic work. I love the scarf she knit for me.

    You can see her latest work here.

    The gist of the comment was to leave this link for you.

    Give our best to Charlie.

  14. Awesome gadget and a great way to keep your mind off things for sure! Count me in for purple :-)

  15. I love your blog and have been praying for your family. I would love to have a scarf... even in sunny Florida it does get chilly. I just love handmade things and am ususally the one making them for others.

    Whenever I have had a loved one in the hospital I have taken hand work with me. Fabric yo yo's are a fun project...