Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Two Of My Favorite Stores!

When I am in Pacific Grove, I make a point to visit my favorite stores. I am sharing two of them with you today . The one below is called Diamonds & Rust which is owned by two very interesting ladies. They travel to Italy once a year and go to old churches buying different unique artifacts. I have been told that the churches are selling things which have accumulated over the years in order to raise money trying to refurbish and restore the churches to new-like conditions. Diamonds & Rust does not just consist of church artifacts. It also has accessories for the home and garden. Every time I visit, the ladies tell me something I didn't know, and I always find new treasures that are calling out my name.

Diamonds & Rust

Boxwoods is below ~


  1. Looks like great places! (My favorite places are a coffee shop and the grocery store. Says a lot about me. :) )

  2. you find the most interesting places
    next time I am in Pacific Grove I will stop by there and tell the ladies you sent me!!!

    Love ya

  3. Angela,

    You have such an eye for these cool places,

    Have a magical day,

    Love, M

  4. wow, those stores look like they might be worth planning a vacation around! verrrry cool.

    Happy Thanksgiving!