Friday, November 2, 2007


Look at everything
as though
you were seeing it
either for the first or last time.

~Betty Smith
*click photo to enlarge, there is a busy bee


  1. A wonderful reminder, to savour it all...

    Thank you!!

    Love and light, M

  2. That is beautiful! The poem and the photo. thanks!

  3. Oh my what a beauty...and I'm the busy bee today. Went to Jim King's funeral this morning, Pastor Dad and I did our "walk" and now I'm off to Turlock, to help my sister with a fund raiser dinner for her granddaughter who is on a Mission Trip.
    ...And the beat goes one. I did stop for a minute and smelled your flower!!

  4. Yes! I considered these words while reflecting on a situation that is difficult... or a difficult person. If I were to see it as if it were the first or last time, how would that open me up, and change my perspective?

    thank you!

  5. Lovely photo Angela.
    The words are good, they make us realise that life is for living..!

  6. It pays to stop and smell the roses, sometimes it's too easy to rush through life without taking time to enjoy the journey. A little reminder is what I needed!