Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sun Rising Walks

I have to tell you... I was quite spoiled taking my daily walk along the ocean. I have to admit, it has been a little hard coming home and walking through the neighborhoods in my little town of Hughson again. My walks included watching the sun rise while listening to the ocean waves come in. The sun gave the sky beautiful hues of color that reflected off of the water. It was like walking inside of a rainbow. I was enjoying myself so much, it was over before I knew it. I really could have walked for miles and miles.

I know it's not quite the same as being there.... but, I was thinking of you all and wanted to share this with you!

After my walk, Charlie and I would come here for breakfast. It is called the Trailside Cafe and Coffee House. I would have creamy oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins, with a big cup of coffee. This place buzzed all morning with customers. It sits on the trail that looks over the ocean. It was beautiful!


  1. Oh! Those ocean photos are amazing. I am an oatmeal girl too!

  2. waves hands in the air .... i'm an oatmeal girl too :)

    such gorgeous photos honey, wow

  3. Oh my Angela...I'm just melting into those photos....and the breakfast spots looks wonderful. Have you ever eaten at "Toasties"? That's were we usually eat breakfast! And I usually have oatmeal, brown sugar and raisins!!!
    Love ya
    Wanda Mom

  4. beautiful photos and video you are
    so talented!!!
    were you all in Monterey or Carmel?

    I also love oatmeal, brown sugar, and raisins!!!

  5. Everything just YUMMY here today!!! YOU should be proud of your first video!!! Mother Nature with her beauty full waters, I'll be coming back just to hear this again and again Angela!!! Thank YOU and all the photos are Beauty Full and I LOVE oatmeal too! It's a comfort food isn't it???

  6. I usually eat oatmeal for brekkie too, especially at this time of year.
    What an inspiring place to walk, I would love it. Your photos are gorgeous..!

  7. The photos and video are very nice! I wish I could be there!! I love the ocean and the weather there!
    When can I come? Maybe next time you need a maid or something ;-)

  8. Man, if that were a bed & breakfast, that would get my vote!!!

  9. Isn't sunrise just the greatest part of the day? It's just a shame it happens so early! Great shots :)

  10. what beautiful photo's! i can feel the sun all the way over here :) xox

  11. I want to sit on that park bench.

  12. One of the things we don't get on the plains or mountains is the lovely sound of water rushing on shore! Thank you for sharing. I too love oatmeal!