Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blended ~

Faith Cake (my story)~
Ingredients you will need:

One young 20 year old girl preferably with a beautiful 8 month old baby boy....
* note to readers: and by the way has made a pack with her best friend to Never Ever marry someone divorced with children. They both lived in step-family environments, they know what it is like... this is NOT for them. Hand shake with a twist and hug!... UPDATE: They both married someone who is divorced with children and are very happy.

You will also need:

One 26 year old man with two sweet boys ages 3 and 6.

Now add in no particular order: love, humility, communication, compromise, determination, strength, endurance, caring, lots of humor, understanding, loyalty, patience, hope, wisdom, commitment, and a lot of prayers (marriage).

Baby girl comes along that melts your heart.

Blend very gently, but well. Bake.

Add Icing with your faith and sprinkles of love (my six adorable grandchildren).

I would like to make an appeal to all the divorced mothers who, for whatever reason, have assigned their parental responsibilities to another woman. Please, find it in your heart to occasionally write a note, buy a card or make a telephone call and tell that woman you appreciate her efforts and the sacrifices she is making. While we're on the subject, fathers whose ex-wives have remarried and taken the kids should do this as well.

One book that really helped me, Step-Parenting: a complete guide to the joys, frustrations and fears of step- parenting! By Jeannette Lofas with Dawn B. Sova


  1. Oh what good advice that is.
    I'd like to add just one word on this. Those angels that accept your children, don't hate them because they've stolen what is yours (they have not) instead get to know them as a person and then ask yourself: Would I become friends with this person if all these things weren't in the mix. Then love them for who they are and allow them to be who they are and your children will be ever blessed.
    This is a very wonder*filled post, thanks.


  2. What a wonderful, heart warming recipe this is!

    xo Sophie

  3. :) mmmmm faith cake, i know it well and as does my amazing husband who supports my son and my amazing ex-husband who shares his son and his amazing girlfriend who gives to our son ... only we call it co-parenting :)

  4. This is so lovely. Thank you.

  5. Thank you my dear for visiting my garden and more importantly being there for Darlene. I wish I could just be able to lay my hands on her and pray her lupus away but together I think enough prayers will become a miracle so let's do it together.
    I love coming here and reading all your posts.

    ::tender hugs::

  6. Angela: You are an amazing woman, mother, grandmother, and friend. What a heartfelt recipe. What words of wisdom. You not only baked it, you live it beautifully.
    I know it will touch many.

  7. Whose mommy is hiding super woman talents in her? ummmm....

    MINE is! MINE is!!

    I loved your recipe. It's one of a kind you know; God made is especially for you. Though others may mimick or mirror parts of your cake, no one can make it quite like you do!

    I love you.

    ~Baby Girl

  8. Very nice.
    A great recipe too.
    I made this cake years ago, but I changed the ingredients up a bit.
    Mine still works though, tastes great!

  9. What a beautiful recipe!
    It still blows me away that you are a grandmother! The only thing about you that even hints of that is your wonderful wisdom!

  10. Oh, if only *all* parents could read your post and take your advice of thanking those other wives/husbands, boyfriends/girlfriends who are adding their love to the mix and helping to raise our children.

    Thank you, Angela, for visiting my blog and leaving such wonderful comments. I am so happy to have visited you today and to have begun reading your writings. You express yourself so eloquently! And I love what you're saying in your messages. I look forward to getting to know you better!

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