Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wishing ~

I have a very busy weekend ahead of me. Last August, My husband and I decided that much to much time gets between our visits with our family. Our six grand-children are growing so fast. So we suggested to have a "family dinner night" every two weeks, alternating houses.... it is our turn. This will take up Saturday. And tomorrow I am headed off early in the morning to see one of my sisters. I can NOT wait!

I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. GRANDCHILDREN??!!!! i don't remember grandmas looking like you!!! LOL altho honestly, I CAN remember two of my grandmas in their younger days! and thinking how pretty they were! I was lucky to remember a grandma of my dad's dad too but my other grandmas were already gone when I arrived but i was lucky to have 3! living, my last one died November 5 last year at the age of 98! Phew! HOPE you have lots of memory making time with your sis and all the grandbabes and family! That sounds like a lot of cooking but at least it will be someone else's turn next! What are you cooking??? LOL I'm nibby like that! Happy Week-end Angela!!! xo, Cinda

  2. You can NOT wait...for it to be OVER????

    hee hee

    i love you mommy

    ~baby girl

  3. I know it will be VERY busy and a lot to do, a little stressful too. But I will get through it with a little help from YoU!! hee hee.

    i love you baby girl ~

  4. i always need my help huh?!...tee hee hee.

    singing: "where you lead, i will follow..anywhere, that you tell me too, if you need, you need me to be with you...oh oh oh, where you lead."

    love you

    ~baby girl

  5. Awww....good times!
    I cannot beleive you are a grand-mother!
    Your children must be angels...they didn't age you at all!
    You look 27!

  6. ohhh...this sounds wonderful!

    i hope to see you and squeeze you when i am out there next week.

    love to you, big sis.



    OK, so when was that photo taken? 1980? :)

  8. Who is going to bring me my Green Tea Frap????

    I'm so lost when you're away :(

    But, tell sister "Helo" for me

    miss ya,
    XOXO Dar

  9. This is a great way to spend "growing up" time with the grandkids.

  10. Ex-cah-use me dahling. Did you say...Grandchildren???
    When did you first give birth, when you were 10????
    I want those youthful secrets! I have a spa to run here lady!!!!

  11. Angela...Hope you had a great family dinner! Grandchildren are so special! I posted a photo of my Granddaughter on my blog....and hope you had a wonderful visit with your sister! They are special too! :-)

  12. You look way too young to be a grandmother of six!! Turquoise Cro is right, I don't remember grandmas looking like you at, times have changed! :) Hope you have fun fun fun with your sister and the rest of the family!

  13. Aren't granchildren wonderful! My two are in a military family, and so for the first few years of their lives, they lived in some far-off places that made visiting difficult. The past several months while their daddy is serving overseas though, I've been blessed to have them nearby. They are now 4 and 2, and are definitely the "sprinkles" in my life. :-)

    Enjoy your time with your family!