Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Song of the River ~

I was reading a journal my Great Gram gave me. She would write her prayers out, poems that she loved and admired. Poems that she even wrote herself. I love this journal. She is no longer with us. But her memory is engraved in my heart.
I started thinking about some of the photos I have taken, and decided to put them on this post to go with this poem... "water runs down to the spring ~ and the spring into a turbulent fountain ~ runs down to the riotous river ~ and the river flows to the sea." It is all pretty amazing.

The Song of the River ~

The snow melts on the mountain.
And the water runs down to the spring,
And the spring in a turbulent fountain,
With a song of youth to sing,
Runs down to the riotous river,
And the river flows to the sea,
And the water again
Goes back in rain
To the hills where it used to be.
And I wonder if life's deep mystery
Isn't much like the rain and the snow
Returning through all eternity
To the places it used to know.
For life was born on the lofty heights
And flows in a laughing stream,
To the river below
Whose onward flow
Ends in a peaceful dream.
And so at last,
When our life has passed
And the river has run its course,
It again goes back,
O'er the selfsame track,
To the mountain which was its source.
So why prize life
Or why fear death,
Or dread what is to be?
The river ran
Its allotted span
Till it reached the silent sea.
Then the water harked back
To the mountain-top
To begin its course once more.
So we shall run
The course begun
Till we reach the silent shore.
Then revisit earth
In a pure rebirth
From the heart of the virgin snow.
So don't ask why
We live or die,
Or whither, or when we go,
Or wonder about the mysteries
That only God may know.

~ William Randolph Hearst


  1. Oh how beautiful!
    Isn't it nice to have such a treasure to hold on to when your heart sings for the love of your grandmother.
    Have a blessed day,

  2. Angela...My Gram use to do that also...she would glue recipes from magazines and poems...and all kinds of stuff in her journal! The pictures are beautiful! so is the poem......

  3. You know, I've never kept a journal but reading this, I just might be INSPIRED to do so! What a SWEET treasure indeed! I'm GLAD you have this, I wish I had one from my grandmas! What a nice way to spend an afternoon or evening looking through a journal of a grandmother! AhhhHHHH, the simple things of life!! Those pics and poem go together like peanutbutter and jelly! Have you started a journal? This would be a great entry! Thanks! for sharing! xo, Cinda

  4. Wow Ang~*~

    I think you have the 'it factor'
    when taking photographs.

    You are so talented girlfriend!

    I love you sweet pea
    XOXO Darlene

  5. What a special item to have from your grandmother! I was never one to be able to keep up a journal, but when you think that it could be passed down to loved ones, it is something that is worth doing.

  6. I love this!and how amazing that you have your Grandmas journal.

  7. How wonderful!
    My grandmother also wrote poems & prayers... she said she learned to read & write with the bible, so all of her poems are biblical in their verbage.
    I love that you pull it out & share.
    Love grows!

  8. yes, shared, love grows and grows and grows

  9. Mommy,

    Gram was a wise woman, wasn't she! I know you keep/kept diaries such as this (I know from snooping when I was little) and there must be some wise things within yours as well! Mamma learns from the best of the best, yes!

    I love you!

    ~baby girl

  10. What a treasure your grandmother's journal must be! I love the photos you chose to illustrate the poem you found.